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Everyday Protection

rosemaryDrink this protection potion daily in the mornings to ward off “evil eye” and other negative energy, and to bolster you against accidents that can happen as a result of buildup or ill will directed against you.  It is best to store this in a cobalt blue jar, or one that is covered or wrapped in blue cloth or decorations.

Remember your deities…


  • 1 cup vodka (If you are alcoholic, you can instead make a very heavy syrup from the herbs, water, and sugar, and just be sure to clean the stones well and that it’s not too thick for them to sink.)
  • 1 piece of quartz
  • 1 piece of tumbled blue glass
  • a square of edible gold leaf
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary
  • a small handful of tea roses
  • about 1/2 liter of water


  1. Put the herbs, stones, and vodka into a bottle, close, and let this sit for an hour.
  2. Add the water, and then close it again.

This needs to sit on your altar or in another safe, protected place for 3 days before use.  Take a teaspoon or a sip every morning after your morning devotions, prayers, or meditation.

Protection From Danger

Drink this potion when you are going into situations with a higher than normal likelihood of danger.  It should help to lower your chances of worse things happening than the bad you’re already going into.

Since I know some of you will mess around with this recipe, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff around, do NOT add any iron, iron nails, iron shavings or iron oxide to this.  Then you’re making something too close to War Water, which you should definitely not drink.


  • 1 cup vodka
  • 1 piece of quartz
  • 1 piece of obsidian
  • 1 piece of tumbled blue glass
  • 1 piece of green aventurine
  • 1 heaping teaspoon dill
  • 1 heaping teaspoon rosemary
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of basil
  • 1 small handful of tea roses


Same as above, but wrap it in a black cloth or paper, and keep it in a cool, dark place.

The Whys

Since this is a learning site, it’s important to explain why the recipes are as they are.


It is a clear alcohol that doesn’t add much or take much from the other ingredients.  It is also well loved by many protector and warrior deities.  It is also clear like water, so you can see any changes in the potion.  To boost your potions, you may want to designate a special bottle of vodka for this, and give the first few shots to your warriors.

Rosemary and Rose

This is a well known standard combination for protection.  Rosemary is better known as a purifier, but it also protects one from theft and psychic attacks.  Rose helps to keep you positive and keeps energy away that is unwanted even if it’s not necessarily negative.  It keeps people from annoying you or bringing you down and sucking your energy.


It is a very strong protector against psychic attacks, and helps to keep your mind sharp and aware.


This helps to inspire respect in others.  It keeps people mindful of how they treat you, and may cause them to be more helpful to you.

The Stones

The properties of the crystals are fairly well known, but obsidian in particular is very protective in the sense that your warrior energies can use it as a bridge weapon to intervene on your behalf in the physical realm.  Obsidian knives, arrowheads, and spear points were among the first cutting tools used by mankind.

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  1. Is there a substance that can replace the vodka?

  2. I want to make a potion key chain for a friend that can either be for protection, positivity, or just all around well being. Is there any mix that does not have to consumed to work and would be just as effective if it was kept around

    • There are liquids/suspensions that can act as talismans or amulets. These may be useful for people who have a heavy influence of water element or related deities. I will put a pin in this and write an article on it eventually, but examples of protective liquids are: natural black tar, coffee extract, pine tar or oil, the juice of various cacti, mother’s milk, saltwater, garlic juice, vanilla extract, and many others. Liquids can also be used in combination with crystals. Different liquids enhance or focus certain properties of different crystals. For example, a combination of mother’s milk and pink opal will boost the protective qualities of each. This is a good question. Thank you and blessings! 🙂

  3. hai, its harley, harley quinn. i wanna make a looove potion for my lovely man joker but he is verrrry skeptical about the things i put into it. if i tell you my recipie, will you tell me what went wrong

    1- blade of grass boiled in orange juice – then crushed with a pesel and mortor to acheive a paste

    2- the paste is then seived through almond milk and put on an open flame

    3- the bubbles that are created must be put in a blender to whip it, the colour should now be a light brown

    4- a tree must be cut down and dug up so you can get the deepest root, you use this as a spoon to stir it

    5- candy canes from the store will have to be melted down in a pan at 300 degrees, the steam must be collected and shook in a glass jar lined with a simple syrup

    6- you must add coffee in to cover up the burnt flavour, make a thick paste and filter that in and stir in a pan on a high heat

    7- i took some dandruff out of my hair so i knew that my darling joker had a little bit of me in it

    8- serve in a champagne glass to try and hide it as alchohol and tell him to down it

    9- he refused to drink it so i knocked him out with the same pan i used to heat the potion and forced it down his throat

    we now have terrible trust issues and he refuses to call me puddin’ why wouldn’t he drink it. am i a bad witch? oh please sheloya help HELP!

  4. i love being a witch

  5. Thank you for the protection potion.

  6. Can you recommend a book for potions?

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