Crystals Used In Aggressive Magick

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amethystdruzyMost manuals on crystal therapy and magick avoid the mention of their use in hexing, cursing, and other aggressive workings.  I understand that they do this to keep things positive or because they fear misuse of crystals.  However, this approach of avoidance and omission is more dangerous than honesty because it leads to possible misuse of crystals due to ignorance.  Inexperienced witches without the guidance of knowing elders may also be unaware of when they are vulnerable.

There is a reason you are instructed to clean your crystals when you receive them, and it’s not just hygiene.  Crystals that have been used for different purposes may require different kinds of cleansing.  Also, and traditions vary in this, generally anything that has housed a spirit or energy who has or was given a persona must be buried, crushed and mixed with the soil outside, thrown into the sea, or otherwise permanently dispatched once its time has come.  They cannot be passed to another without also passing the spirit they embody, much like a manmade fetish.

Now to the crystals and their possible uses in aggressive magick.  This is a work in progress, and by no means a complete listing.


Inscribing a curse in carnelian agate a certain way sets it in stone.  It is most often used this way to curse someone who robs a grave or otherwise invades a space a witch does not wish disturbed.  It can also be used to create a plague of rats in a certain area.  This is sometimes done under the cover of protecting a place from serpents.


Can cause obsession or over-focus on something the person who enchants it chooses.  The person can become delusional.


Can be used to induce oversensitivity and self infliction of traumas.  Basically, it can cause your enemies to self destruct.  It is especially effective on bullies and sadistic people.


Sometimes used as a “weapon” by mischievous spirits.  By abiku (“lost” spirits of children) in particular, sometimes used as weapons against themselves so that they may die young again.  These should be kept away from infants, young sickly children, and pregnant women who have lost children in the past.


If someone has offended the Ancestors in some way, or killed someone dear to you, this stone can be charged to cause the dead to torment them until they die or at least go nuts.


Can be used to create blindness, physical or spiritual, confusion, and disorientation.  It is often given as a gift when someone wishes to obscure their true intentions and shady activities.

Diopside, Star

Opens doors that people may want to keep closed.  Can cause people to reveal information that can be used against them.  Lowers inhibitions.  Do not look directly into the cross of a diopside worn as a pendant or that is on someone’s left ring finger.


Can cause insane levels of greed and selfishness, and isolation.  It can be used by someone who wants others to be jealous of them or feel eclipsed by them undeservedly.


Can be used to cause conflicts or as a weapon.

Fossilized Shark Teeth

The petrified remains of predatory animals are quite often used in aggressive magick.  Shark teeth can give someone a sickness of constant hunger or increase their vulnerability when they are in the water.


Sometimes used by vampires and others of similar interest, to draw energy or victims.  Often seen in the form of a large garnet ring worn on the index finger, or a large garnet pendant that rests on the solar plexus.


Gets people to reveal their secrets or true intentions.  Used a certain way, it can unmask them in a way that brings out their worst even though they are basically a decent person.  Everyone has a “dark” side.


Used for a variety of “underworld” purposes…not necessarily negative.  However, powdered, charged, and wiped or blown on one’s enemies is at least casting your vote to send them to Hel.


This fossilized excrement of the hyrax (a cute rodent in Africa) is used in some of the more hard core “love” spells that are more about controlling than love.  They are also used by greedy employers against employees who they want to be unable or unwilling to leave and find better work.  It can cause someone to be inexplicably locked in place and dependent on approval.  Nasty, nasty stuff.  Nasty.


Breaker of Babylon, it can remind people of what is really important, but charged to the maximum it will make someone unable to keep their lives together.  It can cause someone to be very vulnerable to addictions and other distractions.


It can help you get inside someone’s head in a good way or a bad way…like little knives sticking in their mind.


Various space stones can be used for various purposes.  Their energy is usually very magnetic, and they are often used to increase the speed and intensity of spells.  For instance, moldavite in combination with alexandrite can make someone bat-sh*t rather than merely delusional.  Pallasite or iron meteorites are good boosters for some war or defense spells. 


A good offensive or defensive stone, it is essentially a weapon.  It also adds fire elemental energy.  It is for offense when it has an edge, and defense when it is tumbled or ground to be blunt.

Onyx, Black

Used to cause nightmares, mental torment, and break relationships.  If you are married or living with someone, and find stray bits of this around, someone is trying to break you up or get one of you away at least.  You can also wear this to defend yourself from the hyraceum mentioned above.


Can be used as a container and radiator of negative energy.  The person who wishes ill on someone can carry the stone while speaking the curse, and feed it for a time with all of the anger and hostility they have for someone.  This is then given to the person as a gift, usually part of jewelry, or hidden in some part of their home.


Ruby is used in benevolent magick as a clarifier or purifyer of intent, but it can be used the same way for aggressive or malevolent purposes.  It zeroes in on the target or concentrates and aims the intent.


Can be used to cause negative obsessions and extreme depression.

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  1. Dear Dean Sheloya,

    My name is Jasmine. I must say I’ve been studying magic Wicca since I have been 12. my expertise is gemstones and crystals. I’m shocked that there are negative usages of crystals. I have had read many books on the subject of crystals and not once was any document shown there was any negative on how to use them. This knowledge is nice to know and useful to know if someone has cursed you with these stones. I have surrounded myself with a bunch of crystals not once any of these stones asked to be used in a curse only for protection. They just don’t want to do this at all… I knew someone who tried to curse me through a crystal ball… she was very stupid since quartz amplifies energy and refuses to be used in a negative way of course it rebounded on her the crystal altered my teacher and I and I performed a banishment spell on her and her curse, To think this woman was a wiccan and in her 60’s and should of known better of cursing someone in there 20’s… So like I said its best to keep magic with crystals on the light side of things!

    • Crystals are mineral be-ings. For them, there is no such thing as “negative” in terms of humane-ness. Some have more of a life sustaining vibration than others, but the existence of uranium, cinnabar, and other physically deadly crystals and minerals makes it very clear that stones don’t really have an inherent interest in keeping us alive. The reason your crystals refuse to harm you or others is because you have made them allies, not because they are built this way.

      Unfortunately many authors, in trying to protect people by coaxing them away from aggressive magic, have lulled many into a false sense of security. Think about it: why do you need to clean/clear crystals if they have no harmful potential? If quartz really was such a benevolent being, it would not need maintenance to keep it benevolent.

      Another thing…everybody who does magic sometimes does aggressive magic. Protection is aggressive. Cleansing is aggressive. Specifically, the original Wiccans and some sects still today use overtly aggressive magic and cursing. Anything you read about witchcraft today needs to be viewed with a critical eye. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not because “The Lord works in mysterious ways…” It’s because it doesn’t make sense. A witch cannot afford to be a blind follower. We are supposed to be the cunning ones.

      • Yes indeed… very well said I was thinkingbthe very same as I was reading. Blessings to you.

      • I couldn’t agree more; lights cannot exist with shadows, but what these represent are completely up to an individual. “good and evil” are subjective to the being who questions it, and at the end of the day it will very depending on the eyes of the beholder. Humans are most often raised with the views of the one whom teaches; rocks are blank slates in which one carves their intent. Thus they embody what the owner chooses, because they are the teacher. A toddler does not develop “moral” on their own accord, they need guidance.

  2. I once had two quartz crystal that were perfect. After my ex girl friend saw them and held them, they started to crack. Another friend freaked out about this and made me wash them and my hands and bury them without touching them. Quartz is not on your list. Both (my ex and my friend) were Wiccan and seemed very knowledgable. My friend never told me what or why I had to do this nor what my ex would have done with them. Any details about this would be appreciated. My friend wanted to fight my ex in the other realm.

  3. I have a question, I have a rough obsidian piece and my intuition is telling me that, obsidian can be used to hex a person. I will like to know if anyone has ever used the stone for that purpose?

  4. Hi Dean Shaloya,

    I’m doing a bit of research for a piece of fiction I’m writing. I hope that isn’t offensive, I certainly don’t mean for it to be. This article has been extremely helpful in searching for the perfect stone in a magical piece of jewelry I’m trying to create for the story. Based on these descriptions, I think I’ve just about settled on ruby as the relevant stone, but I’m wondering if I could discuss crystals with you to see if there are any that may be a better fit. I completely understand if you are uninterested or too busy, but I generally live by the belief that it never hurts to ask.
    Either way, thank you so much for sharing the information in this article.

    All the best,

  5. What about Carnelian and Coral?

  6. Hello! Im unfamiliar with how stones and hexing and such work but ive ran into a bit of a problem if anyone could help enlighten me?.. I work at a hotel and a lady that lived there works at a crystal mine near by. Well she started giving me crystals (not instructing me to clean them or instructing me much at all) so I happily took every one of the crystals she gave me, not clensing them or aware of the power they posses due to my own ignorance but nontheless things started happening… i have become obsessed with the fact that my boyfriend is lying/cheating on me and even hearing and seeing things i know to not be true. Ive also slipped into a deep dark depression that only seems to take effect while im in my home. Im at a loss and this is my only hope to finding out what to do or if this is even the reason for these things happening to me and my relationship. Any help to answering this would be appreciated more than you know! Much thanks!

  7. What about nummite?

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