Connecting to Deity Supplement: A Sampling of Universal Perspectives

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Perspectives I mentioned earlier in the Witchcraft 101 series that during one’s awakening, one is given a “worldview” so that they can manage their energy without their mind imploding. None of us can fathom the absolute Truth in total, but each of us is given a piece of the puzzle, so to speak.  A big problem and source of division in the spiritual and witchcraft community is that speaking about these varying perspectives is the source of a lot of division.  A person speaks their truth, and some understand or agree, while others accuse them of being crazy.

It is a good idea to use your critical thinking skills when hearing others’ perspectives.  However, there is such a thing as being overly critical or in denial because something feels insulting to your ego.  So over the years, I have tried to cut through both external and internal b.s. by applying the Obeah standard to everything: Does it work?

  • Does this perspective improve the lives of the people who embrace it?
  • Are the people who hold this perspective functioning and productive?
  • Is there evidence for the beliefs associated with this perspective?
  • Are the benefits or positive results of this perspective achievable through the filter of my own Gatekeeper deity/archetype, without offering allegiance to a different one?
  • and since “there’s nothing new under the Sun”, what is the history of this perspective?

Some perspectives lean more towards the mystical and ascension focused, while others are more esoteric or understanding focused.  Some overlap significantly.  One’s perspective is not like one’s religion or faith.  It is how your mind deals with things you see and that happens to you.  You may start with one and end up with another as the years go by, or embrace more than one as you gain practical experience.  In this article, I’d like to show a sampling of what’s out there, and also help people avoid the possible traps and stagnation loops.

Before we begin though, I would like to give some time to the children who see.  Quite often, I am told by people who come to the craft, of the terrors of their childhoods.  Children, being fresh from the Ancestor pool, are both very vulnerable when the newborn-protection begins to wear off, and also very sensitive.  In some cases, kids whose parents were abusing them, slept with said parents because whatever horrors they faced in the day were nothing compared to what they experienced at night, alone in their rooms.

I was very fortunate to have family who explained to me what was going on, protected me, and taught me how to protect myself.  I remember those oversensitive years.  Physical puberty may not happen until the teens, but spiritual puberty happens between 4 and 6, and lasts for some until 9 to 13.  It is extremely sad that there are children out there who tonight, will have to face these fears alone with no explanation and no protection.  So I must ask that as you read this, that I write with tears in my eyes from the memories of those few days that I didn’t know what was happening to me, you have a heart for those children who endured years; that you don’t dismiss your or others’ children’s experiences as an overactive imagination, nightmares, or sleep disturbances without taking into consideration that for the child, these are real.  There may be actual sleep problems that accompany their developing perspective, but it’s not always just about the sleep problem.  Sometimes the incidents cause the sleep problems.

I learned to manage my issues in this regard very young.  Apparently, at age 11, I “leveled up”.  I was laying on my stomach in bed, wide awake, and through my window, a being phased into my room.  She was very tall, and moved somewhat like a cat.  Her body suit looked like a sort of moving, starry night sky, and had whitish silver armor.  She was wearing a mask, and had long, stringy, locked white hair.  She was making a sound, like a vibration hum and tinkling crystal.  I raised up a bit with my arms to see her better.  She moved to the side of my bed and tapped me on the back of my right leg three times.  It felt sort of like an electrical shock, but not unpleasant.  I don’t know how I could tell through the mask, but she seemed to smile at me, and then hopped back through the window.  The next day, I got my first period.

Up to that point, my perspective had been spiritual with the allowance for extraterrestrial and extradimensional possibilities.  After that night, the extraterrestrial and extradimensional bit was solidified.

Spirit Realm/Physical Realm

The most common perspective in the witchcraft community is that of two fairly distinct realms: the spirit and the physical.  Most see these as overlapping, though spirits may exist independent of a physical body.  Some believe some physical beings or objects also do not have a spirit, such as rocks or plants.  Some believe that everything has a spirit, even objects and tools crafted or built by humans.

Writers in Hindu and derivative belief systems often describe many planes of existence, the physical realm being but one small aspect of reality.  As one develops spiritually along a certain path, one may gain access to different realities, and over many lifetimes, reach a state in which they have reunited with the Brahman or Supreme Being.  This is not the only way in Hinduism though.  There are many schools of thought, and some do not seek ascension/final liberation as a goal.  Some are similar to some African belief systems in which souls are carried along a path that ends up reunited with the Supreme Being regardless.  The question of how to behave while in a physical body is one of how hard you wish that journey to be.

So in any case, those with a spirit/physical realms perspective usually strive to be loving, positive people while in their current bodies.  Some also wish to be useful, whether or not their actions are viewed as positive or convenient in human terms, since that spreads the goodness farther and assists others in easing their journey.

Usually, the spirit/physical perspective does not preclude others, but sometimes people get a bit high on themselves within it.  With any perspective, one has to take care that whatever beliefs they hold, they do not become obsessed with them to the point of disregarding any additional information.  There is no conflicting information in this, but sometimes other views may conflict with one’s ego.  One must take care with this perspective, not to believe one’s self exempt from the realities of the physical realm due to whatever spiritual experiences one may have.  One also must beware of the many illusions that can take hold and distract a person from being useful, from the path of ascension if this is one’s goal, or from an overall positive path.

Quite often in the spirit/physical realm perspectives, we see people who lose their humane-ness along the way.  They become so wrapped up in what they believe to be the higher self or the higher powers, that they are willing to do great harm to others in order to “save” them or score some sort of points in the spirit realm.  Keeping your Gatekeeper in your consciousness helps to prevent this situation occurring without lots of fair warning.  This is also helpful when navigating other perspectives.

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