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DigeryThis is a site where you can teach or learn witchcraft.  We welcome students and teachers of all genders, ethnicities, and traditions.

It used to be very feature rich with lots of fancy bells an whistles, but in the end, we decided it was best to keep things simple.  Students are free to read and comment, and teachers welcome to publish articles.  If you are a teacher, and you offer a course or private tutoring, you may certainly advertise in your articles here.

We also have forums in which you can share, discuss, and ask questions.

Why Join Witch University?

When the site was brand new, this was the question most of my friends asked.  Since there is already Facebook and Pagan social networks, what is the point of yet another?

Well, first of all, Facebook, MySpace, and other big social networking sites are not about witchcraft, so they don’t care who is doing what, so long as they’re getting paid.  The Pagan social networks are mostly about Wicca, and not every Pagan is Wiccan, and not every Wiccan is the American “new age” type.

With the revelation of some very not cool things going on among some of the most influential writers in the Pagan community, I realized it was time for some honest discourse.  When people don’t feel free to talk about real witchcraft that’s useful for real life, many of our most vulnerable are put in harm’s way with nobody to talk to.

This is not only the case with young witches and people raised in polytheistic communities and families, but with clients as well.  For the real concerns of real life, we need real witchcraft, and a place to discuss and teach the realities of it.

So here, nobody is going to judge you if you’re not vegetarian, if you do animal sacrifice and read entrails old school style, or if cursing/hexing is part of your repertoire.  We’re not pushing one way, right way, or “white light”.  At the same time, we’re willing to stand up and take on ethical issues, and the plague of reductionism and over-relativism with open eyes.

We’re here to be a safe place for actual witches who do actual witchcraft, and those willing and courageous enough to learn.

Teaching at Witch University

If you’d like to become a teacher here, send us your magickal internet resume.  To qualify, you must:

  • be out of the “broom” closet (You may use a pseudonym, but you must have witchy public photos of yourself.);
  • have an actual web accessible website or blog (not just a social network wall or page) about witchcraft or active solution oriented mysticism and/or esotericism that is respectful of the deities/energies involved;
  • have some experience teaching and/or mentoring students;
  • be serving your local community;
  • be willing to collaborate and work with others, especially in similar and overlapping categories, in a respectful manner.

Basically, you have to prove to us that you are indeed an expert and at a professional level in your field, and you know enough about using the internet that you can post here.  You may charge whatever you like for your teaching or courses.  This is not our business.  What we do here is provide a center for learning, accountability that offers students some level of security and assurance that they are receiving quality instruction, promote sound practices and education, and maintain a friendly, social environment for learning witchcraft.

Blessings and Ase!

The Dean
 ~ the Dean




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  1. Hi I’m aa male Witch and I’m dedicate vto my practice of witchery is so respectfull that I don’t want to discuss lt improperly so I want to be safe and have a place that will welcome me I’m so good with spells I can turn invisible I’m 28 years old I love it so love me my number is 7693018815 I also just got kicked out my home because I don’t want to be a part of jesus

  2. Deaunta., Merry 2 meet you. I’m sympathetic to your plight. In a world where if you don’t know God u are considered less than.
    I can say I’ve studied many world religions and only about 8 years ago did I realize my calling. I woke 1 morn with 3 words on my tounge. Very strange…. They were giants, Enoch, and witches. As I began to look on the internet I was guided to YouTube and found something called the watchers. In short it was a biblical explanation of how we came into existence. And the punishment we receive for anothers desire. Sad but informative and a compelling argument to the so called Christianity cult. Give it a read perhaps it would give some enlightenment to ignorance found in many secular Church goers. Also it is the book of Enoch witch is one of the removed books from the Bible. Wonder y I do lol

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