Advance Color Magick

Advance Color Magick

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Basic Color Magick Correspondence

  • Red – love, power, strength, passion, danger

  • Blue – tranquility, emotion,

  • Brown – earth, friendly, dogmatic, conservative, materialism

  • Green – money, fertility, healing, envy, jealousy, guilt

  • Pink – health, happiness, feminine, sweet, playful, friendship

  • Purple – royalty, nobility, spirituality, mystery, divination

  • Yellow – energy, intellect, happy, creativity, communication

  • Orange – confidence, success, courage

  • Black – protection, death, evil, negative

  • White – purity, fresh, clean, positive

  • Gold – glamorous, graceful

  • Silver – high tech, sleek

Advanced color magick correspondence is relating the colors to yourself in a more personal way in order to help boost your magick effectiveness.

You can get the advanced color magick guide HERE

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