Five Basic Witchcraft Potions for Beginners

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Cooling Potion

Sometimes in the summer or when they have a fever, people have a loss of appetite and upset stomach, or general discomfort from being too hot.  This helps to cool them off and make their insides feel more comfortable.  Be aware that it can make loose bowels worse, so don’t give it to someone who already has a problem with that.  This is based on some well used Indian recipes.  Start this the day before you want to serve it.


  • 1 teaspoon edible almond gum (badam pisin) powder
  • 2 cups of water
  • a few leaves of fresh mint
  • a half a lemon, sliced
  • honey or stevia herb to taste
  • an additional 2 cups of water, or well crushed ice


  1. Mix the almond gum powder with 2 cups of water in a container, cover it and let it set for 24 hours.
  2. Put the lemon and mint in a large jar.
  3. Pour over enough boiling water to cover the lemon.
  4. Add enough honey or stevia to make it sweet enough.
  5. Let it cool.
  6. Strain the liquid into a tall glass.
  7. Get your almond gum and strain out the excess liquid.
  8. Add this to the lemonade, and stir.
  9. Refrigerate or add some crushed ice, and then serve it with your love.

Now we get to a potion that is more recognizable as a potion…

Healing Potion

This is a general healing potion that basically boosts the immune system and helps the body to heal or recover from illness faster.  This is very old fashioned, but very effective.


  • a liter of vinegar
  • 1 entire head of garlic with the root end sliced off
  • a handful of dried helichrysum arenarum
  • a handful of non toxic pine needles


  1. Put the herbs in a jar.
  2. Bring the vinegar to a rolling boil then turn it off and let it cool until it is warm but not cold-cold.
  3. Pour the vinegar over the herbs and cover it loosely while it cools completely.
  4. Tighten the cap and let it set in a cool, dark place for at least 6 weeks.

When you want to use it, strain some of it into a smaller bottle.  The person should take one or two teaspoons every day until they are better.

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sheloya (Sis. Nicole) is a licensed U.L.C. Modesto minister, spiritual counselor, sorceress, and king of Ile Baalat Teva. She believes in education and empowerment of individuals with a holistic approach to spirituality. Order a bone reading from Sheloya to find out what the Spirits have to say about your future.


  1. ok, so im a witch-in-training and i have only done 1 spell so far. any simple spells you recomend?

  2. Lovely article! Thank you so much for the recipes and information!!

  3. Also, do we have to use a cauldron or can we use a pot or something like that?

  4. I have a question about the love potion. Is it possible to make two love potions and then give it to like your parents for example and make them love each other more? My parents are pretty positive they are going to divorce by the end of the month, and I really would like them to stay together…

  5. its realy good!

  6. Thanks I’m very new to this so it help a lot (-?- )

  7. Oh! One more question. I was looking for a better cauldron, mine broke. The legs came off. I didn’t get the size before my mother and grandmother tossed it in the trash. What size is reasonable for a girl of eleven, 4ft 9inch tall? Thank you for giving this site to young beginner witches like me! You rock!!

  8. Hi! I was wondering, can you make a hypnosis potion? I have looked on YouTube multiple times, and it never works. but I have also tried to become a vampire so, no luck there either. I have a mortar and pestal, and some simple bottles, so wondering if I could make potions, poisons, or poultices.

  9. Ravina stonehaert

    Hey Sheloya I was wondering if you knew any other spells like I don’t know… curses maybe.My grandmother tells me not to use any curses on people because it will set a bad reputation on witches but like i mean nobody likes me anyways and people always tell others “don’t get too close to her or she will curse you” I might as well curse them.Also my best friend is looking for a love potion and needs me got anything more complicated.Thank you.

  10. hi sheloya, i’m harry styles and i wanna be a witch too

  11. Hey Sheloya! lovely to meet you and read your ingenious potions. now I would love for you to look into a potion of my own, I would appreciate if you could look over my techniques to ensure I’m creating the most effective potions. so, here goes….
    my potion is a simple death potion, any of your enemies will be killed.
    I use simple ingredients all derived from Mother Nature.
    – white peony root
    – dirt from 6 feet under (has to be from this deep)
    – tears of your mother (only a couple of drops)
    – whisky (any of your choice)
    – mint leaves

    and the very last, most important ingredient…
    A KNIFE!

    this is because all of this witchcraft obviously doesn’t exist and you’re being ridiculous.
    thanks for your time lovely! <3

    • I would love to see this recipe, and try this on say, a wyrm. but, you gave us the ingredients without saying how to make it. please show us that, and I would love to hear of more potions from you!

    • You are welcome to not believe in witchcraft. I’m not the thought police. It is kind of weird though that you did so much typing just to say that. Did a witch break your heart?

      • Uh so I’ve been trying to do some spells very simple ones I just cant idk what it is if you knew how to teach someone that would be great. I also have a question i would want to stay between us.

    • Now that it has been some time, I’m curious.

      Has your life improved by posting this?

      Has posting the logical equivalent of saying that cyanide wouldn’t be poisonous if someone typed “witchcraft” on a label and stuck it on, helped you in any way?

      Because looking back, I’m noticing that witches and other real mystics are either surviving or not doing as badly as they would have without the awareness of science not being dependent on politics. Generally it’s the people with awareness who are willing to take it all in and make sane decisions are avoiding scams like ivermectin and other “demon sperm” level disinformation.

      The people who were picking on us pre 2020 are like crazy type anti vaxxers (as opposed to the personal choice, unable to vax due to medical issues, and natural medicine types who are still very pro masking and high level hygiene) and into all sorts of conspiracy theories. Turns out most of the people with anti witchcraft beliefs weren’t really skeptics just mostly racists and homo/transphobes. Funny that.

  12. Yes there is love spells for that but are you it’s what you really want want you shouldn’t force things it may end badly

  13. First, thank you for posting these and your wise words to many.

    Second, the number of trolls here are hilarious. Some have added some comedy to the page, but others outright annoyance!

    • Thank you for the compliment 🙂
      We don’t get “trolled” here very often. There’s an internet historical reason for that. Every once in awhile, someone new who doesn’t know how things work will wander in…and nowadays, I just mark them as spam. I recommend anyone having an issue on their site do the same.

      Most hosts and social media don’t care if your feelings are hurt by someone, but they do care about trash traffic. Nobody has bandwidth to waste, and the new trolls use similar tactics to spammers to make it look as if there are more of them than there really are. So they’re basically like harassment spam. Instead of doing it for money they do it for ego validation, but in packets they’re doing the same thing. So they are treated the same by the machines.

      Blessings! 🙂

  14. Why everyone who replied or asked anything in this article as a comment have a weird cartoon pic?

  15. Does it matter if the person you are giving the love potion to knows if you are giving it to them or not? Like, does it matter if they know they are drinking a love potion?

    • Hello Lola 🙂

      Thank you for asking a very good question. Love potions and other related concoctions work best when the person partaking knows what they are getting. Nothing I’ve posted here is powerful enough to threaten, much less break the bounds of consent, but if someone doesn’t know exactly what the nature of the concoction is, it can awaken their protections even if your intentions are not skeevy or hostile, simply because it is unknown. So if it is possible, and you don’t think they would react badly, you should tell them beforehand. Use your common sense though too. There are spoken and unspoken customs, and sometimes if someone can claim “plausible deniability”, they will accept things they wouldn’t accept if they were out in the open. So it’s a good idea to maybe make it obvious without necessarily speaking the words “love potion”. Put it in a witchy looking glass and raise an eyebrow when you give it to them or something. It’s not a roofie. It’s a mild encouragement…a message from your soul to theirs that they are wanted.

  16. I feel like using a love potion would be morally wrong by the fact that you are altering someone else’s life in ways that could be MASSIVELY dangerous to their current situation or to their future life. (But I’m definitely trying the other 4 considering they’re only affecting me or helping others.)

    • Hello Theren 🙂

      Any concoction you use could alter someone else’s life in a way that could be massively dangerous. Any word you say, any action you do, etc. could affect someone else. We are witches here. If you don’t want to affect anything, you’re in the wrong place.

  17. I was wondering if you know of a way to add a good sent (such as an oil) to the healing potion… I apparently do better on spells that include some sort of perfume or incent being included in the process… really hope there is… also how do I become a licensed sorcerous?

    • Hello Nora 🙂

      Not every concoction smells pretty. Get used to that fact. As to becoming a licensed sorceress, there is no such thing. You can become a licensed minister in an organization that is a legally recognized religious organization or church, but there is no general licensing for sorcery.

  18. The meditation potion worked a bit but I like to create my own because they work together perfectly and my grandmother has a full attic of herbal books, I have been trying to do a barrier spell recently and none of my 5 haven’t entered my since so I think it may be working a bit but also potion making isn’t my strength NY friend her grandmother is teaching how to read tea leaves and divination magic

  19. Hi so I researched a bit about different types of witches, and I’m interested in becoming a water witch. Any suggestions? By the way, well done on the article. It heled me alot.

  20. At what age is it ok to start learning witchcraft?

    • The day of conception. A woman can start teaching her children from the womb. If we are talking about someone else’s child who is not a close relative though, if they have parental consent and personal willingness, they can start learning whenever. Just make things age appropriate.

      Age appropriate generally means something different for young witchlings than it does for other children though. They may end up dealing with some issues that others would not, such as a friend being abused and having nobody else to talk to about it. A young witch should know when to get assistance from an adult and what to do if the adults don’t listen.

      If the parents are against witchcraft, you have to wait until they are of the age of consent. Otherwise, the parents may sue or worse. You can give some degree of guidance if the child is determined to learn on their own anyway. Warn them if they’re about to try something dangerous or going in a direction that could get them into trouble, but keep it light until it’s legal.

  21. I don’t really know how spells go but I’d rather use word spells where I can say the spell and not use ingredients or candles

    • It takes many years to get to a point where you can just use word (wyrd) without anything else. To get to that place, you have to have given a lot in time, offerings, meditation, and practice mastering and then manifesting your will. Most disciplines with this goal require long periods of abstinence and other ascetic practices to train the mind, body, and soul to work together well, and certain taboos will need to be kept in order to keep alignment with one’s helper spirits.

      Witchcraft doesn’t work like the movies. There is no action without consequence and no power without a price.

  22. Ponsavani clazadilla

    For the beauty potion does it have to be roman chamilomile or can it be normal chamilomile?

    • Most of the normal chamomile you’ll find in the store will be roman chamomile. It’s the standard usual sort. If it’s something other than that, the label will usually specify that it’s different.

  23. I am very limited in what ingredients I can use. Is there any potions or spells I can cast that take things you can find in the common household kitchen?

  24. Very well said E. I will surely heed your words.

  25. And this why people shouldn’t use any sort of magic, witchcraft or alchemy. People don’t seem to understand the simple law of life… “in order to gain something, something of equal value must be lost.” The equivalent exchange. If you don’t believe in that law then kiss magical practices, alchemical arts and witchcraft goodbye. I am no professional alchemist and certainly not a powerful practitioner but I can tell you that I do practice on a regular occasion with magic. I have been able to practice magic since I was a young lad and by that point I’ve accepted everything in life, I have had interests in people that had no interests in me whatsoever but I didn’t try using a “love potion” or some sort of magic to get to like me, cause that’s how bad things happen or when something will go wrong.
    If you are interested in someone, instead of trying alchemy or magic just talk to them don’t ruin their lives by forcing them to be with you because that isn’t living that is putting someone in hell for no reason whatsoever. I learned a lot from using both light and dark magic, I have placed curses, hex’s and casted the evil eye. This taught me a valuable lesson that there is another law that life forces upon us wether we like it or not, the Three Fold Law – whatever you do in life will happen to you three times as good/bad dependant on your intent. So please… please I urge every single person on here to take heed what I just said or at least think about it during your next alchemical creation or magic practices and studies.

    • Why are you even here?

      “Threefold law”? Are you kidding me???

      See, this is why I built this site. Some stupidity needs to die a quick, cold, brutal death with minimal gore. The “threefold law” is one of them.

      First of all, it is not a law like a law of Nature. It is a principle. It was a badly stated principle. I suppose their hearts were in the right place when American Wiccans attempting to de-claw the faith of their English predecessors, promoted this b.s. but it’s still wrong on the face, and a lame attempt to express the idea of karma.

      Where it falls apart is that a spirit, alterdimensional/extradimensional being, or ally, values things, people, and situations, very differently from humans. A person in love may view their lover as very valuable. A parent may view their child as necessary for them to have a reason to live. This does not mean that Nature or other beings feel the same. So to even fathom how such a thing as universal reciprocity would work, one would have to understand the raw absolute value of things in a universal context.

      Show me a human who sees things as they truly are with no filters and none of the useful illusions our Gatekeeper usually blesses us with, and that person is going to be either a Buddha or a warlord killing his/her way through the land until someone with enough strength stops them. It would make them inhuman one way or another, and basically useless as a witch, regardless of how much or little any human idolized them.

      To be a witch, one must embrace the arbitrariness of our value of things rather than live in denial of this. Overly simplistic expressions of the principle of karma encourages people to adopt a blind, idealistic denial, and makes them practically useless. The blatant hypocrisy is rooted in the fact that if desire is wrong, then the desire for enlightenment is also wrong, and the desire to be perceived as a more enlightened being makes one a hypocrite. To promote this hypocrisy of reducing karma to human priorities and values makes one a false guru, and while we’re borrowing eastern concepts, one may want to take the time to explore Mahakala or Kala Bhairav.

      The reason too many western witches get screwed up today is exactly this sort of arrogance. They embrace and promote bad copies of borrowed concepts that they don’t understand, and believe themselves in their mortal forms, some sort of judges of what magic should be instead of looking practically at what works…what has worked for thousands of years. No one will ever do better than truth, or at least as close as we can get to it.

      If you lose things, it’s because you went to the spirits arrogantly emptyhanded and/or with too false a view of your own value. Forget threefold law. If you approach the wrong entities disrespectfully, you could lose a million times or receive back a trillion of what you projected.

      Let go of the comforting cliches.

      • My mum taught to not to cast curses on people because it can bounce right back at you so yeah I am only 13,all my family are witches and all and they really don’t like people casting curses like this woman who has hated my mum she started to use voodoo and curse luckily for her my grandmother bounced the curse right back at her so yeah, they only do it for there benefit and witchcraft shouldn’t be treated like that, the woman has been having uncountable miscarriages since then. Potion craft is not my strength but it is helpful, right now I keep studying about herbs and poisons but also I am helping my friend to read tea leaves and just to teach her all sorts of things my family have taught me

        • Hello Gabriels 🙂

          At your age, you should definitely not be handling curses or too much aggressive magic unless it is an absolute emergency. Even in a case of child abuse, the method I recommend is basically officially giving the matter to Eshu so that the child doesn’t need to handle too much spiritual negativity. They’ve already lost enough of their childhood.

          Anything you do…any word you say has an effect on the things around you. As a young witch, you should be learning to be aware of this and careful about it so that by the time you ever actually do need to do any aggressive magic, you don’t end up with unforseen results. Even protection can go wrong if it is done mindlessly.

          As to the woman who went after your grandmother, that is an idiot, but this is an example of what arrogance and bad training does. When people are selfish and self absorbed, they start to think they are the smartest or most powerful person in the world and that everyone else is weak and stupid. So they do dumb things like throwing curses at people more aligned than them because they think just because someone doesn’t go around showing off their power, they don’t have any.

          You might not always agree with your family about how to go about things, but remember that you are at an age where many of us are rebelling. There are things worth rebelling against, and things that are just your hormones signalling you to assert your independence and individuality. Be very careful before going against their wisdom. They’re not just trying to ruin your fun or be moralistic. They are trying to protect you from getting into things you’re not ready for.

          Even though you’re not quite fully grown yet, you are still past the age of awakening, so you’re accountable for whatever you do. You can be injured by doing the wrong thing. Even if you see all the wrong in the world, and think you’re ready, enjoy the luxury of having a time when you have elders who will take that burden instead of you for awhile. Not all of us have that luxury. Take the time to learn and grow in a protected environment while you have it. These years pass by more quickly than you think.

          Blessings! 🙂

  26. so…. I tried to do the love potion by throwing it on my crsuh and he got chemical burns.u

  27. I have a question. I want my girlfriend to feel how much I love her, not necessarily for her to express her love for me. If I make the potion with that intent and I drink it myself, would that work? Or would that encourage self-love (which also wouldn’t be a bad thing)? Or would it just do nothing?

  28. Miss I recently find the book that is the witchcraft and spells I find it in playstore andI love but I live in India at Goa and there some ingredients for potion are not found so what can I do?

  29. Miss I want to know that where do you find the ingredients for your potion recipe

  30. Hans Poulard Jr.

    So I was wondering if you can make more of the beauty potion and leave it for when you need it

  31. We use FREE RANGE eggs in our household so we don’t carry around the guilt all day

  32. For the beauty potion, does the type of orange juice matter? (Ex: pulp, no pulp, etc.) And does it matter or not if the water is filtered, and the eggs are free-range?

  33. How do I bless eggs with fertility goddess? Can I use chamomile tea leaves from local tea stores as substitute if I could not find any Roman chamomile? Does the orange juice have to be freshly squeezed or I can just buy some in local supermarkets? Does the honey have to be organic? Can I use tap water or I have to buy spring water? Sorry for being annoying and thank you!

    • Good questions, Scarlett. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially here.

      We are supposed to do the best we can within our means, with what we have. It is always best to forage and support sustainable agriculture when possible, but even if it’s not possible, simply making things from scratch is already putting more specific energy into a working or concoction. The big worry with some store-bought juices, for me, is that they might have added sugar or other chemicals that would defeat the purpose of using them in a potion. So check the ingredients.

      Most chamomile that is sold for tea is Roman chamomile, but other tea worthy chamomile is fine. Tap water is also fine so long as it’s drinkable. There are places where the tap water is bad.

      To bless eggs with your fertility deity, the fastest and easiest way is light some incense for your Gatekeeper, and pass the eggs through that smoke…then light some for the fertility deity, and pass them through that smoke. Alternatively, you can prepare some sacred water and dip them in that for the fertility bit.

      If you have any more questions, feel free. Blessings and Ase! 🙂

  34. Hi Sheloya
    May I please ask how much a reading would be
    Many thanks

  35. Is the potion forever or just gos on a time limit?????

    • Potions are usually strongest within the first day to a week of their ingestion. Different people have different limits depending on their closest deities, level of observance, and other factors. Also, some potions are meant to be fast-acting and wear off quickly, while others are meant to work slowly. It all depends. The potions in this article are mostly working for a day. The healing potion, though, helps with a progression, so it should be taken once a day until the person is better. Sometimes it fixes people’s cold or flu within 24-48 hours though…the symptoms anyway. They may still be a carrier but just not be feeling bad.

  36. Omg thanks!

  37. How would you get your crush to drink the love potion if you’re at school? He doesn’t trust me

    • Ah youth…Well, then you have to find another way, or figure out how to gain his trust. Drinkable potions are generally a consensual thing that works with a combination of persuasion or suggestion, and the chemistry and magical qualities of the potion itself. A mistake that many young witches make is to think that the potion will or should do all the work.

      In the spirit of honesty, it is not difficult to gain a man’s trust. Men fall for horrid women all the time, so if you are actually a decent young lady, you already have an advantage. The trick is in understanding how Nature works, which in this case means understanding how men are wired.

      Gender is not black and white. It is a spectrum, but not only that; a multidimensional spectrum, not just a gradient. Men and women and androgynes each have their own measure of masculinity, femininity, and androgynity. The more classically masculine a man is, the more vulnerable he is to classic femininity and to the easy familiarity of comfort combined with the softness of classic androgynity. If he is not super macho, then he is going to be more critical and mistrustful of classic feminine traits. So if trust is the issue, but you have been decent and not done anything to break trust, the issue may be that he is mistrustful of certain elements of the darker side of femininity, such as over-emotionality or a destructive or selfish level of pragmatism. Perhaps he has had bad experiences. These are not your fault, but if this is the case, you should be mindful of this information.

      So instead of pursuing him romantically, put him in the friend zone. This will reassure him that you have better things to do than chase a man who doesn’t want you. Don’t give an explanation. Just do it. If he asks why, then laugh at him about it a little, but don’t tease him too much. Just act like it was a flight of fancy, or that your crush on him was a phase that passed. He’ll be drinking things you prepared eventually.

      The big thing to understand with love work is that most of these workings were designed a very long time ago when things weren’t so complicated, and long before Disney brought the idea of romantic love that was happily ever after to the masses. A better goal for a witch is to be real about love and that the sort that lasts is either familial or friendship. Men will have sex with both. They don’t mind. So if it’s sex you want from someone, pursue that, but if it’s love then pursue a family type connection with strong friendship…but be warned that wanting and having are different things. No love work will change a man’s core personality. If he is flaky and untrustworthy or unmanly, then the best you will get is someone with an overcooked noodle will in love with you, who will constantly fail you because he has no integrity.

      Be very careful who you allow into your heart. Very careful.

    • Matilda maybe you could bake them into cookies.

    • ye my crush is actually in a different school now because i moved to a neighboring town by the way matilda what year are you in if your still in school pls check out my youtube channel its lone wolf 12

    • Try baking it into something, like cookies or a cake so it’s less suspicious

  38. What if we need the healing potion in 3 days and can not wait for 6 weeks? Is there any way of speeding things up?

    • No, there isn’t a way of speeding up this healing potion. There are probably others out there that are faster, but I don’t know of any that will do what this one does against the flu, and similar maladies. This is one reason why most witches make this in advance. If you start between now and September, you will have a batch ready before cold and flu season starts.

      • Oh I see, thanks! 😀

      • do u need to have magic in your bloodline for these to work?

        • Hello Jasmin 🙂

          This is a very good question. The answer is that everyone has magic in their bloodline. Everyone has a bit of the divine in themselves. Whether or not they have a talent for magic is another matter. Like some people are able to play a musical instrument, and some not, and some better than others, it’s the same with witchcraft. Some will have a lot of talent for it, while others will have to work harder at it…and sometimes the person with the better work ethic and stamina can be a better witch than someone who has talent but no patience for study.

          Basically, bloodlines, though somewhat significant, are overrated. One does not get a pass to be lazy or arrogant just because they are from a long line of witches or because they won the energetic lottery in their family. It does add some gravity to one’s situation though. Please don’t take this to mean that it’s safe to mess with hereditary witches. Some people who don’t even know they have abilities can wield a lot of power. When they are not in control, they can speak or will some devastating things that are difficult or impossible to unweave because goodness knows what metaphysical mechanism wrought their being.

          • What are your views on Native American magic. I’m 90% Native American and have been thinking about getting in touch with my cultural roots.but I also know that magic and divine spirits are also a way of life for Native Americans as well as how in touch with that side of things they are. Any advice for me because I’m actually interested in that plane of existence.

          • I am an avid supporter of people looking to their ancestral traditions first. Our ancestors are our closest link to the spirit realm. They live in our very DNA. To best align with Nature in general, one should look to their ancestors as the doorway.

            There is a problem in some cases, that much information has been lost. In that case I would say pick the closest that does the job of providing you with a full pantheon and curriculum of mystical/magical training.

            Just be aware though, that you don’t have to “pick a side”. To avoid too much confusion, you may need to pick a focus for methods of practice, but all of your benevolent ancestors deserve respect and attention, and all of your problematic ones need prayer and cleansing. We all have these issues to deal with. It’s not something unique to people with some European ancestry. Everybody has some dirt in their lineage because we’re human, but the fact of our existence means that somewhere in there was also a lot of love.

          • I’m very curious, what you said about those will ill-wills bringing about devastating things with great power even if they don’t realize it. I’m wondering if you have any personal experiences meeting someone who was able to do this? It sounds interesting. Also, how can one identify energies and powers that other people around them have? Is it a thing that someone can just feel, or is it more than that?

  39. I want to try some of these except part of me doesn’t believe these are real. But I’ve always been sort of interested in this stuff and hopes for it to actually be real. One of the problems are I don’t have some of these ingredients and it would be weird asking someone to go somewhere and get them for me..

    • Not sure what you mean by “real”. They are sound. If you mean that they will transform a rabbit into a pig, then no.

    • If what you mean by “real” is if they work then yes they do but getting spells and potions to do their thing is about what you put into them and by this i mean the only way magic really works is if you belive it does the energy you give to the universe is what you will recive im a new to magic and im on the path to becoming a green witch but iv learned so far is if you doubt yourself and your magic it will not work your belife is what drives your magic. Also you usally dont need to have EVERY single ingrediant exactly again its about what energy from yourself you put into the potion I also forgot to mention your belife goes way beyond your thoughts and mind and into your sub concious so id recommend working on that before you start.

  40. I’m going to try these and if they don’t work I will look elsewhere. Also hoping to learn spells somewhere along the line. Want to learn a potion or spell to give me wolf ears and a wolf tail.
    If you can help please do 😀

    • Shapeshifting and transformation spells are very advanced, and under the heading of “be careful what you wish for”. The deities are not going to break Nature for our vanity. Even when something is within the natural realm of possibilities, there is no transformation of the body without changes in gene expression. If you are extremely and consistently observant, the deities may reward you well, but once you go there, then there is no turning back.

      If you just want the physical appearance, I’d recommend consulting a surgeon who is comfortable with extreme body modifications. Skin grafts and implants are less traumatic and painful than becoming more wolf-y.

      • You know what I don’t want (much less need) a wolf tail or wolf…teeth I think
        But I think we all have wanted something they was nearly (or at the time we had thought it was) impossible to get like wanting to be a mermaid or wanting to have a unicorn horn and i remember when I was younger having my dad tell me I couldent
        make my teddy bear come alive mutch less talk to the “ghost” in my room but the great thing about Witchery is that it makes this possible but my question isn’t about that it’s about why is the world so endlessly persistent on making sure the world never knows that the wonders of magic must be known as FAKE and fake only
        Because no matter how mutch I think about it it has always confused me I mean does the government no benefit on the ability for its people to do anything (although now that I say it it makes more sense) or is it the fact that it involves danger but then again the government has no problem selling ouji bords to the general public (along with it children) or is it something to do with “the name that shall not be spoken without sparking someone ready to shot with the Illuminati confirmed line” do they somehow benefit from the world not knowing magic I mean it wouldn’t bother me so mutch if it was only the us BUT ITS NOT it’s Russia and China and Switzerland
        and Scotland (well not so mutch Scotland) BUT STILL no matter what we do there is always SOME established government ready to To “shoot” down any remark of magic being real AND YET THEY STILL SELL OUJI BORDS AS TOYS this is definitely something that has been confusing me for a long time if you could please maybe give me an answer that would be great but if you can’t BELIVE ME I understand I’ve been work at this one for a few years now and I have figured out a theoretical cure for cancer (realize I said theoretical still has some tweaks plus it includes sending constant pulses of electricity through your brain automatically [and theoretically] keep you brain frome commuting issue no.24 [witch is what I call it ] frome being prossesed witch is basically your brains way of saying I’m to sick for this I’m killing my self and this would [theoretically {ha I say that to much}] be torture because cancer affects the genes so you would constantly deforming and deforming and you could never die so yeah ther wouldent work)
        Not saying I’m smarter than you you are mutch wiser and have much more experience than me any way if you don’t have the answer just don’t do anything but if you do please tell me

        Sinserally EMC

        • Sorry I spelled everything so wrong

        • We all have dreams…but some are physically possible, and some are not, at least in this sector of our Universe. Some are physically possible, but come with consequences that may be highly unpleasant (like deep shapeshifting). One has to be careful what path they follow not for moralistic reasons, but for simple practical reasons. If you ask around to people who are actually more wolfie than the average human, there are some benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well. Someone going there on purpose should be aware of this. There is also no way of doing it magically that would not affect your gene expression and therefore your children’s. They may be born with strange allergies or physical features, for instance.

          As to the government’s position on magic…People in power always want to keep that power, and one way many choose to do that is by depriving others of it. They do not want people believing in real magic in any real way because it’s not just about being able to do neat things. A witch or even adept layperson who embraces the divine within themselves is dangerous to exploiters. They are not an easy target because they are exercising their will and well practiced at making their dreams a reality. It is hard to oppress or exploit people who are aware and willing to do something about it.

          Though Ouija boards are sold as a board game, and come with instructions, notice that those instructions would basically call up any random spirit who happened by, or perhaps whatever spirit was anchored to it when it was manufactured. There are no mass produced ouija boards that give real instructions on how to specifically speak only to one’s own Ancestors or departed friends or relatives. No offerings are recommended, no protective ritual, nothing. So the manufacturer’s helpers or whatever wealthy person pays them’s helpers are speaking through those boards.

          Sometimes people in power make what I like to call an energy funnel. They basically just give people just enough spirituality to open them up, then give them instruction that would basically feed their energy to the creator of the funnel. It feels right because it is similar to the way someone expands their circle through good deeds and tagging their ile, coven, or parish’s works to theirs so they can flow together and the less adept or aligned can benefit from contact with the more adept or aligned. So it is natural to seek to be in someone’s flow…but some people use it like a predator hunting for victims to bleed. I am positive that some in government are doing this.

          No big illuminati theories are needed for this. Everyone with an elite education has had exposure to these ideas by college. Some actually go and do it. All it takes is a bit of greed really.

        • I barley have any of this stuff so put new potions out!!!

        • A year later sorrry 😮 I personally wondered the same thing but if you think about it. The government was smart on how they’ve made everyone into their sheep. They said witchcraft was bad to keep us from being able to actually have power over them, because they wanted a hierarchy, used the one thing most witches use that by the way, anyone can use despite their “experience/power” the Ouija board. And to keep us from developing into spiritually intellectual beings, they sold it to children who are not only more vulnerable to “evil ghosts” but also have no idea what they’re doing. The general population knows the alphabet so it wasn’t something they needed directions on either. Soooo these people had bad experiences, they grew up telling everyone and their children that witchcraft is bad because of their experience, so now the word witchcraft has a bad name ? go figure…hmmm. Not coincidental at alllll

      • Hey, Sheloya! Nice job on this! I just started learning witchcraft, and I LOVE making potions. This really helped me! Oh, and I tried the meditating potion. It worked, which is a HUGE improvement from the other websites I’ve seen. Thanks for this!

        • Thank you for the positive feedback. 🙂 I am very happy that the meditation potion was helpful for you. It is a recipe I came up with because I tend to fall asleep with deep meditation. So the lavender keeps things on track even though I’m dozing off a little. It helps to keep the flow so that let’s say I’m focused on my breathing, then even when I’ve fallen asleep, I’m lucid and still on the breathing…maybe with some dreams happening around it, but I’ll remember the breathing is important.

      • Is this all fake or real or just a silly joke for gun

      • how interesting, Can you send me the complete list of rituals and potions needed to complete this physical transformation? I will observe all cautions, naturally. finding resources for information like this is highly difficult. most of my talent is natural, but i have done a fair amount of spellwork in the past. i always take all the necessary precautions.

    • OMG I want wolf ears and a tail too!!!

    • That would be cool but I really only found out about this stuff from my mom friend who refuses to teach me

    • you will not find a potion that works for you unless you have full intention and belief that it will. Also you must not be a practicing witch if you believe you will find something that will give you ears and a tale, that is not what witchcraft and magick is about. The best place to look for that kind of thing is a costume store.

  41. Hello for a love potion is there one where your crush will not need to drink

    • I think usually love potions and spells are used to attract love. It wont put someone “under a spell” like in Harry Potter. Don’t try and force affection 🙂 But i think you would be looking for more of a love spell than a potion if you don’t want it to be drank

    • Try a love spell

    • yeah

    • That would not be a potion. You would do better looking for a spell if you don’t want your crush to drink it.

    • It can’t be a potion but I know a really good talisman that’s super easy to make and worked ABSOLUTE WONDERS for me. It was the first spell I ever did as a witch and I was so excited when I realized that’s you really can wield energy. Look up love talismans easy. I hope you find something that you like

    • Yes!
      My friend is a witch and she is teaching me,
      Ingredients to make a simple(but effective) Love potion! Ashe’s Guide(NOTE! Best to do when there’s a full moon before you’re making a potion.):
      1. Moon water. To make moon water, set out water (covered on the top, you can use any container for this) under a full moon. Leave until noon. Make sure the water is (mostly) filtered or chloroformed.
      2. Dried roses.
      Now, generally, we use roses because their a big symbol of love, but any flower under a pink/red shade works too. Dry these out before/under a full moon.
      3. Candles/incense!
      Now, the actual wax/shaving is not going into this, so don’t put it in your water! These are to bring a good forecome of this potion and generally to attract the goddess of love to that potion to bless it. (Or, you can bless it yourself, whatever you’d like to work.)
      ——Edited with a NOPE!——
      If you want the potion to be stronger, you can use wildflower petals(DRIED) and seep them in from the top.
      Do not eat!!!!

      • Eh, no Karens here. Don’t ingest essential oils that are not a part of a scientifically sound medicine or food product. The essential extracts and flavorings used for food and medicine production are very different from the essential oils you buy off your pharmacy shelf. You can overdose very easily because you have no idea of their concentration, and it is nearly impossible to mix them accurately in small amounts at home.
        Using the bulk herb makes a lot more sense and is less likely to land you in the hospital.

    • I honestly doubt that. You’ll have to trick them into drinking it. But even then you can’t see him now days.

  42. Thank you !!

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