Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What

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Various Concoctions A spell or working usually has one to three main components: the ceremony, the concoction, and the talisman.  The ceremony should always be part of it, but with the ceremony, one can choose to use neither, one, or both a concoction and talisman.  In this lesson, we’re going to focus on concoctions.

There are many concoctions used in witchcraft.  The most commonly seen are potions, oils, incense, and powders.  Soaps, lotions and creams, ointments, gels, waxes, solvents, dissolving pellets, foods/consumables, steam, and sometimes even ice is used in witchcraft.  It is a good idea to know when to use what.

The first thing to bear in mind when deciding what sort of concoction would compliment your spell is the spell itself.  What is the goal or objective?  A concoction is a way to carry the energy of the spell or promote and bridge some aspect of the objective of the spell to the physical realm.

Second, consider the practical issues, such as what a certain delivery method is likely to do, as the method itself has its own energy.  Let’s look at what some concoctions do.


Oil is fat.  It is the stored energy and carrier of oil soluble vitamins and other important chemicals, of the plant or animal it came from.  These cells came from living beings.  Every molecule in every oil that you use once walked, crawled, slithered, crept, ate, and drank on this Earth.  Until it is burned or dried out, it is, in its way, alive.

Bonus, when you mix oils for a purpose, and imbue them with energy towards a particular direction or objective, you make it not just alive, but you give it a life.  This is one reason why, in some traditions, it is considered a small sacrifice to dress a candle with oil and burn it.  The wax in the candle and the oil it is dressed with are the fat of the living or leftover life of the once animated, being burnt and entering the realm of the dead.

Magickal oils and waxes are the fat of spells.  Oil is fuel.  Wax is solid fuel.  Like putting the right gas in your car or eating the right food for your body, you want to give the right fuel to your spell.  When you mix an oil, you are making a fuel to keep the spell moving and alive.  The spell lives where its fat is.

For this reason, they are fitting for a situation wherein the life in them needs to expire relatively slowly or to stick until it is burnt, dried out completely, scraped, or washed off.

In the case of a healing spell, oils help the medicinal properties stay alive on the body longer than something water or alcohol based.

Waxes are good when a liquid oil would be too messy or too thin.  Many ointments are made with a mixture of oils and wax.  They can also serve as medium for talismans that you don’t wish to be permanent, or that can be burned as offerings when their purpose is served.


Incense is a part of most ceremonies.  It is the burning/metabolizing of substances to take their energy with our hopes to the unseen realms.  Some deities prefer steam over smoke, by the way.

For the same reason you would use it in a ceremony, you may want to prepare some specifically for a spell.  This way, it can be burned occasionally as an offering to reinforce the energy that was raised at the initial ceremony.  It feeds the forces that are currently on the case, letting them know that you are still invested in it.

It also fills a place when energy specific to its purpose.  It is something turning from solid or liquid to gas or vapor, which is an energy of change and transformation.  So it is more pervasive and “deeper” than simply putting an oil in one spot and letting it evaporate slowly.

It also gets into the lungs, so even the words spoken and breaths taken take on the energy of the spell.  Good stuff.


Potions come in a couple of types.  Some are to be drunk, some are the necessarily liquid media for spells, and some, like oils, are used to anoint.  So I like to call the ones for imbibing potions, and the ones for anointing or other purposes solutions or perfumes.

A potion is to pass through or fuse with the body of the receiver of a spell.  They are usually medicines, some with a more or less conventional objective.

For both ethical and legal reasons, it is not a good idea to administer a potion or any other medicine, without the receiver’s consent unless they have committed a violent crime and taken away another’s right of consent.  Often, people treat love potions like emotional “rufies”.  This is not how those work, and if they did, the receiver could be very angry when they discover that they’ve been basically drugged.  So don’t go there.

A potion is useful in the case the situation calls for one to carry the spell in their body, at least for a time.  You can make potions or teas that will help a person reach their desired objective, and embody the energy of a spell.

It is important that you know what you’re doing with potions, just as it is important to know what the food you’re serving someone will do.  The art of potion making is like cooking for witches.  It fell out of favor for a few decades probably for the same reason many people stopped learning to cook, but it is important, so it’s coming back for the same reasons.


Much like a potion, magickal foods and consumables are made to carry a spell through the body.  A spell can be baked into a cake.  A spice mixture can be made for healing, protection, or purification.  There are many possibilities with this.

Food is medicine.  So again, know what you’re doing, and be ethical about this.

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