Queen Esther Oil

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estherQueen Esther Oil is used for the seduction of high status men or to produce a glamour to make a woman’s status appear to be higher.  I like to call it “princess oil” because it makes you smell and feel like natural royalty.


  • a handful of dried myrtle harvested during its fruiting season, leaves and fruit
  • a heaping tablespoon spikenard/jatamansi powder or the equivalent in bulk root
  • a heaping teaspoon cilantro (leaf)
  • a handful of red or pink rose petals
  • a handful of dried jasmine flowers
  • a handful of hibiscus petals
  • a tablespoon of chopped pomegranate flowers
  • a teaspoon of hyssop/zaatar
  • a good two-fingers pinch of saffron
  • a tablespoon of myrrh powder
  • a teaspoon of frankincense powder
  • about half a cube of amber solid perfume, ground up into powder
  • a small dollop of honey

Mindfully add the ingredients to a half liter jar, and then pour sweet almond oil over all to fill it.  Let it infuse for 3 months, wrapped in a fine purple scarf.

Alternative recipe:

  • 5 drops myrtle oil
  • 5 drops spikenard oil
  • 10 drops of rose oil
  • 10 drops of jasmine oil
  • 3 drops myrrh oil
  • 3 drops frankincense oil
  • 3 drops saffron oil
  • 1 drop hyssop oil
  • the “crown” of a pomegranate
  • a drop of honey

Add these to a 10 ml vial, and fill the rest of the way with sweet almond oil.

Some prefer to use olive oil as the carrier, and you can, but this gives it more of a devotional vibration than seductive.

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