I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)

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When I think of the great mother goddesses and Divine Feminine teachers who guide my path (Isis, Kali Ma, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Diana, Joan Of Arc, Mother Mary, to name a few), I see women who were committed to the whole world’s healing and liberation. And not the privileged few who could afford to work with them and who fit into the mould of the archetype of the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.If you truly live your life guided by the Goddess, and you are not doing your part to dismantle white supremacy, then you’ve got work to do.The Goddess isn’t just here for the liberation of white women.She’s here for the liberation of us all.

Source: I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sheloya (Sis. Nicole) is a licensed U.L.C. Modesto minister, spiritual counselor, sorceress, and king of Ile Baalat Teva. She believes in education and empowerment of individuals with a holistic approach to spirituality. Order a bone reading from Sheloya to find out what the Spirits have to say about your future.


  1. Many apologies Layla Saad and Sister Nicole. You both have my highest regards. I’m very disappointed in the first comment but not surprised. You should consider removing BA’s comment since she is obviously mentally ill.

    If BA is black, she must of been adopted by white folks who failed to share Black American and World History. Maybe she is white and wrote this as an answer to a challenge by white friends or a guy she wants to impress. For whatever reason, BA like many females are in denial of what is plainly in their face! Betrayal. They are not accepted as equals by the masculine society and they are quick to use a “Caucasian religion” that was employed to enslave, trade ,bamboozle, and disenfranchise women to make themselves feel superior to other people.

    Until folks like BA stop failing to take responsibility for their inaction, and avoidance of the real issues, we may never get the healthy discussion going this topic deserves.

    I’m with you! I want to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy. I want to have a high level, intelligent discussion. I believe this is the first step to understanding, healing, and growth.

    Thank you both for being brave enough to start the discussion.

    Waiting for an intelligent response –


    • Merry to meet you all.
      I don’t know if my response is of intelligence or not.I do know that it’s from my core. In my opinion to give breath to negativity is ill-begotten. It takes but a spark and a wisp to cause damage of proportions beyond our initial control. As it is hard at times to withhold, try not to respond with destructive or negative, insulting responses. There is no need to feed the fire they have sparked. We must always remember that as society of sisters and brothers, that unfortunately we have been persecuted by ignorant people who feared our ability to be one with our surroundings or elements. They had and have little to no understanding of our true ways. In my opinion we need to show intelligence thoughtfulness and ignore dumbasses. Sorry. kinda. Not really! Lol I try to keep in mind that thoughts are things and words give those things incredible power. I have more to say on the subject but for now I’m going to leave that one alone and go on to say this. I find it incredibly irritating when people try to use biblical examples to condemn the people that we are. You cannot take words from the Bible and use them for ones own benefit if you are not willing to use all of them and understand the individualism and interpretation of these words. I guess an example of that would be 1) thou shalt not worship any other God before me. My interpretation (I admit there are other gods but I want to be vain and be first) 2) thou shalt not come before the Lord before he comes before the son. My interpretation (if we are all sons and daughters of God then we need to find ourselves to find God and he lives within us our heart) 3) and final for now…seekith me within thines own heart for where two or more tounges utter my name I shall be there. My interpretation (we are all gods in our own right and our voice gives that power without the sanction of the church)
      my apologies I kind of veared off. There was a point I was trying to make about if you’re going to use the Bible to defend your beliefs to condemn certain people in a group then perhaps we should remember the book of Enoch. This and other books were removed from the Bible. I wonder y? I cannot say whether or not this is the true origins for I was not there or maybe I was who knows all depends on your belief system. Lol. There was a video on YouTube called the watchers and many others like it that speaks of the 200 angels that saw the human women on earth and desire them,therefore made a pact amongst each other not to inform their father God of their doings. They came to Earth layed with the women,planted seed and taught them the celestial ways such as how to use herbs,spells, enchantments and other celestial knowledge and beautification. The men where taught the ways of weapondry and warfare. The offspring of this unnatural coupling were giants or the nephiline. (Probably spelled incorrectly.) My point is we were created by angelic beings. But yet we were also cast out of eternal life for 70 generations for the abomination that God saw us as. We did not tempt or invite but yet serve the consequences of his ‘perfect’ children’s lack of control. I do hope I have expressed my distaste for the contridictive text of the good book with out offence to another. I simply was trying to give an alternative trespond to a person who is trying to use the Bible to put us in a sinful manner. And also a Anglo-Saxon women… My personal belief is every being in our world is like the snowflakes… We are all beautiful and everyone of us is different. Those differences are what makes all of so beautiful. If you don’t like snowflakes move to the dessert and away from the cold. Everyone is at least a lesson with individual meaning. Love and light to all. Blessed b merry to part.

      By the way I really would appreciate it if a advanced Wiccan could possibly contact me. I am in the need of truthful discussion about my karmetic imprint and in need of displacing the bind I’ve consequently wrapped myself in. Having a hard time tripping over myself constantly.

      • First off, this is not a Wiccan site. Wiccans are welcome, but here we center individuals’ ancestral systems and practices. That includes being supportive of ways they evolve and leave behind harmful practices from the past as well as unpacking their racism and colonialism that tends to infiltrate their spiritual expression at times. That “giving voice to negativity is bad” is basically a Christian victim blaming and gaslighting tactic adopted by toxic positivity pushing new agers. That mess is like a pipeline to ethnofascism, and is so well known and boring that academics have already analyzed it.

        People who fall under the American category of “white” had definitely better deprogram before touching anyone else’s or even their own pre Christian practices, not just out of respect for others, but for themselves and their safety. The negativity caused by so many not doing that, as evinced by your very long post among other gaslighters, already has such a deafeningly loud voice that putting up a block to it is simple self defense. Besides, as I said it’s not just for respect for others but their own safety. I suppose though, someone helping you sounds offensive if you’re self destructive.

        Blessings anyway and Ashe!

  2. Do you not believe in the GOD of the Bible or that JESUS is Lord? [some rant about Martin Luther and telekinetic milk theft]

    • B.A. this is a site for witches. Some witches are followers of Yeshua, but almost all are aware that Judaism, and by extension, Christianity and Islam, have origins in polytheistic/polyentheistic/pantheist belief systems. Much of the Bible was straight up plagiarized from Kemetic and Sumerian texts and stories, and the New Testament was compiled to align with a Greco-Egyptian deity, Serapis. So what you think you’re worshiping isn’t the Almighty by any stretch, rather a lesser being elevated to top position by politicians who use it to keep you blinded. The real Yeshua who worshiped YHWH understood that this was a local deity to whom he was loyal, being of the Hebrew people, but he never tried to recruit any of the Romans he encountered and helped because he understood this was just a facet of the Almighty. Had they been worshiping the wrong deities, he would have told them, but he never did, even during his trial…not even in the accounts of his trials that were left out of the New Testament. So if you are interested to learn witchcraft and be more like the real person your supposed savior was, you are welcome. However, like him I would ask that you refrain from attempting to recruit anyone here to a religion we understand is kind of moot.

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