Start With Cleansing and Protection: For Witchcraft Beginners

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The purpose of protection is to repel inappropriate, mischievous in the way of mainly geared towards misfortune, or harmful energies and spirits.  It is something that needs to be maintained.  There is no “one and done” protection.  You have to refresh it periodically.  Your Gatekeeper probably has a holiday or holidays.  These are good times to refresh protections.  If there is no record of their holidays, choose times of the year that seasons change.  This will depend on where you live.

Offerings for protection should be given to your Gatekeeper and Protective Warrior(s).  They should also be called upon during the ceremony to make your amulets or protection salts.

A Simple Protection Amulet

The most basic protection amulet should be a charm bag with:

  • ashes from your daily observances or incense offerings to your Gatekeeper and Warriors you’ve done in the past
  • a piece of jet if you tend to be a peaceful person, a sharp piece of obsidian if you are a warrior or fighter type, add also an iron nail if you are of a west African or diaspora faith
  • about a small spoonful of three protective herbs.  Some options are:
    • thistle, protects from people with harmful intentions
    • cinnamon, protects from things that would cause you to lose face or status, also from disease
    • clove, protects from general misfortunes and bad luck
    • red pepper, protects from stabbing or things that cause bleeding
    • black pepper, protects from sickness and bad luck
    • garlic, protects from parasitic and/or vampiric people or energies
    • dill, protects from psychic attacks

There are many others, but this should cover most things.  I encourage you to find as much as you can locally.  It helps  if at least one ingredient is something you foraged or found outside.

To make the charm bag, get your supplies together, and then open the ritual.

Give offerings to your Gatekeeper and Warriors, and then return to assemble the bag.

On a clean square of white or natural cotton cloth (cotton is also protective against ill will) mark the name or symbol of your Gatekeeper on the top left corner.  As you do so, do a mindful but concise prayer that they protect you.

On the bottom right, mark the name or symbol of your main Protective Warrior.  Say a prayer that they protect you.

Then on the bottom left, mark then name or symbol of your Father deity.  Say a prayer that he watch over and protect you (specifically mention watching over because it implies keeping you from doing things to bring misfortune on yourself).

On the top right, mark the name or symbol of your Mother deity.  Say a prayer that she guide and protect you.

Make a good smear with the ashes in the middle of the cloth.  Then mindfully add the other ingredients.

Then fold the top left so that it matches corners with the bottom right, and the bottom left up to meet the top right.

Then shake it a bit so that the contents settle down into the corner that was the middle. 

Then fold the open ends down, and the corners in.

Carefully sew it shut.

Pass this through the smoke of the incense you are currently burning, and ask that your Gatekeeper and Warriors imbue your amulet with protective energy.

At this time, you can leave the packet as it is, or you can dress it up by putting it into a prettier bag, or encasing it in some other more aesthetic or stealthier material or container.

Pass it through the smoke again.

Thank the deities and close the ceremony.

Please treat your amulets with care.  They may take a bit of a beating especially if you have to hide them somewhere, but don’t leave them around for disrespectful people to molest.  A protection amulet is like a small fetish, and once you make it, you are responsible for its care until you gift it to someone else.  Once you make that last pass through the smoke, it is a living being.

Speaking of which, these things gain energy every time they are gifted.  Some may even tell you when they want to travel, or since they are heavy with Gatekeeper energy, take it on themselves to go somewhere.  If one disappears on you, take it in stride.  Besides, if someone stole it then it will do the opposite of protect them.

Protection Salt

A bare bones protection salt contains:

  • ashes from observances or offerings
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • red pepper

Open a ceremony, and call your Gatekeeper and Warriors.

Give them offerings.

In a nice bowl, mindfully add and mix all of the ingredients while saying prayers requesting protection.

Pass the bowl through the smoke of the incense, asking that they imbue the salt with protective energy.

Thank them for their presence and attention.

Close the ritual.

Keep the salt in a closed, dry container until it is time for use.

This protection salt should be sprinkled in a perimeter around one’s home.  A bit can also be placed here and there in areas you’d like to protect.

Real Talk on The Consequences

Your first forays into practicing actual witchcraft will probably not be without incident.  Your awareness will open in ways that theory and normal prayer didn’t accomplish.  Once thought becomes action, and you begin to work your will, your Gatekeeper will begin to show you things.  They may not all be nice to see.  I’ll be honest…much of it will be very not nice.  This will be a test of your ability to keep your cool, be discrete, and stay benevolent or at least not overly destructively inhumane.

Like a flower blossoming, you will receive a perspective/universe-view that will enable you to operate.  It may or may not be a good idea to tell others about it.  Different people are given different views that are usually just as true as one another.  Some “bouquets” of universe-views are similar enough that they have categories that I will not discuss in this article, but you’ll see them and find what to respect about each of them.  The reason the groups seem to vary so wildly in the details, but still respect one another is that we know that none of us has the “absolute truth”.  Those of us who make it through the initial trials have all been gifted by our Gatekeeper(s) with a means to do our work that will be effective.  We are given a view that is filtered to not explode our minds and render us useless.

You have probably heard some horror stories by now, of people who didn’t make it.  They ended up dead or institutionalized or shamed.  In some cases, their mind went to another world and never came back.  People who bumble mindlessly through the “poison path” are the most infamous cases because there are actual chemicals to blame.  This can happen without drugs though too…which is why it is important to maintain one’s mental and physical health.  I have a “by any means necessary” view on that.  If you need to take psychiatric drugs, take them.  If you need to eschew them, then eschew them.  If smoking two packs a day keeps you from freaking out and telling people about themselves in an inappropriate way, then well…switch to e-cigs to reduce the harm, but do whatever you have to do that doesn’t harm others unduly, to stay sane and healthy.  For some of us warrior types, that means harming some people who are harming others unduly, because some wrongs we can’t bear to happen on our planet without going nutbars.  Once you actually start practicing witchcraft, you can’t afford certain weaknesses.  These may vary from person to person, and this is yet another good reason for daily observance.  It helps you to stabilize and notice when things are off balance.

Another thing to be aware of is that when you start doing protection, energies and be-ings who were maintaining the status quo will fight you.  Many people who profited energetically from your and your loved ones’ lack of awareness and conscious knowledge will come out of the alternate realm woodwork.  Some of those you may have to battle may be your loved ones.  Most families have some sort of dysfunction to deal with, and one of the first things you will receive clarity about once you start doing protection and cleansing is what all they were getting out of being jerks.  It wasn’t just an ego boost.  So you may be in the position of having to discretely protect family and loved ones FROM family and loved ones.

You will receive some attacks and backlash from time to time when you are doing cleansing and protection.  Over time, you will get better at handling this.  Just know that it will happen.  Most of the time, it will be unconsciously, so it will be easy to maintain your discretion.  At some points though, it may move into the conscious realm.  Someone will sense that their energetic gravy train has stopped, or their dirty bubble of the psychospiritually enslaved is leaking, and go looking for reasons and solutions.

Just be ready.  It’s not all love and light out here.  In fact, those who claim to be all about love and light tend to be the worst of all.  As a friend of mine, Ben, who is a sweet person but chooses a sort of goth-metal look (because he also likes the music) once told me, “Better light cloaked in darkness than darkness cloaked in light.” So until you know you can trust someone, watch your back.

These recipes and instructions should help you get started in practicing actual witchcraft.  Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Blessings and Ase!



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Sheloya (Sis. Nicole) is a licensed U.L.C. Modesto minister, spiritual counselor, sorceress, and king of Ile Baalat Teva. She believes in education and empowerment of individuals with a holistic approach to spirituality. Order a bone reading from Sheloya to find out what the Spirits have to say about your future.


  1. This is essential info! Thank you!

  2. I was my house cleansing with ceder and pine that I had found. I saw the instructions a bit different. The point is as I was letting the smoke out the house a door slammed without any wind blowing it. I don’t want to battle anything I cannot handle. I also don’t know if that is a good or bade

  3. How do you get Dragon’s blood (raze) ???

  4. Hello my name is Judy and I’m new to all this , and I truly believe in witch craft, and I need help ,I want to do a cleansing of myself to clean away all neg energy , before I do any spells ,, can u send me a sleep that will do the cleansing right, or guide me to a app that will help me do this right , and that will explain all this to me, I really need a person at that will be honest and truly help me learn ,

  5. Have you ever used dark magic? Me and my friend are trying to use it (SAFELY) we are trying to make a witchery school, and make it completely THEIR choice. Have any tips? One friend is dark magic, the other divination, and the last runes. I’m teaching potions. Please help me and give some info to help us. Love your work Sheloya!

  6. hey i havent completely read this but ive been dealing with alot of anxiety an intrusive thinking and i want to be portected . How do i deal with these things? i have vanilla insence and a few crystals but idk if i want to do witchcraft anymore even tho i havent done spells it just seems scary .

  7. Thank you for the information. I have been battling unwanted entities or be ings for most of my life as I am now doing so for my children and grandchildren and pets.

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