Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy With Notes From The Dean


Carol Bulzone shared the below information and has agreed to allow me to share it as well so we can help educate women who may require this information. PLEASE share this with your female friends so they are armed with this same information.Let’s discuss herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy as they may cause a miscarriage.

•#1 – PennyRoyal tea is not as toxic as people may think. Like a lot of things (alcohol, acetaminophen) it can be hard on the liver with long periods of constant use. But a pregnant person should be aware that it can cause spontaneous abortion and, therefore, it should be completely avoided during pregnancy. It’s also important to know that a strongly infused oil should not be rubbed on the pelvic area as it may, with repeated use, cause loss of pregnancy

Cotton root bark should never be drunk as a tea, it has a long history of being problematic during early pregnancy. It also has a capacity to thin blood so people who accidentally ingest this plant will need to counter these effects with something like shepherd’s purse or vitamin K.

Black Cohosh, & Angelica root should absolutely never be taken during pregnancy especially alongside one another. These three have the capacity to disrupt hormone development & will typically cause bleeding to begin in just a handful of days in pregnancy.

Queen Anne’s Lace should be avoided by anyone who’s attempting to conceive as she has a tendency to make the uterine wall slippery & prevents the precious egg from implanting. During pregnancy, if the egg can’t implant, the pregnancy won’t continue. Queen Anne’s Lace, also known as wild carrot, is very safe. As long as you are not trying to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy in the early stages. Because it will prevent pregnancy.

Mugwort should be avoided as small amounts consumed in pregnant women may cause uterine contractions. It’s also worth noting that infused body oils made from this herb may have a similar effect when rubbed on the pelvic area.

Rue, while not a commonly used herb, is showing up more in tea blends. This herb can be really problematic during pregnancy. So much so that women have avoided it during pregnancy for thousands of years.. It can cause miscarriage. It should not be used for long periods of time or in large amounts to avoid potential adverse effects on the liver. Again, alcohol or acetiminophen can also damage the liver.

Parsley, while safe in normal food level amounts, should be avoided in large quantities or in concentrated broths as it may cause spontaneous loss of pregnancy. Especially if the pregnant person happens to be taking larger doses of vitamin C, which can also endanger an early pregnancy

Celery oil and celery seeds are likely unsafe when taken by mouth during pregnancy in large amounts. Consuming high amounts of celery might make the uterus contract and cause a miscarriage. •These are just a handful of the many herbs that may disrupt hormones or cause uterine contractions. These common plants that are easy to find should be avoided by anyone wanting to keep a pregnancy viable. Especially do not combine these herbs if you are pregnant, because they may induce a miscarriage.

•Keep learning about these & other herbs that may cause spontaneous abortion. Here are a few more; tansy, thuja, safflower, scotch broom, wormwood and yarrow,

•Educating yourself and your female friends on how to avoid a miscarriage is important to their bodily autonomy. Keep what is yours.Please consult a professional herbalist if you should choose to ingest any of these herbs. i am posting this so you know what to avoid. I am not recommending these herbs.

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Dean’s Notes

This post is doing the rounds in Facebook, and where I applaud the efforts of women’s rights advocates to inform the public of these dangerous herbs, I would like to add some important information.

As we know out here in the witching world, most political shifts are not about a specific issue, but an entire agenda. Lately, the U.S. has become increasingly anti freedom, and I do worry that certain accidents may lead to increased prosecution and imprisonment, especially of certain communities known for their use of herbs.

So I would also advise pregnant people to avoid the use of ginger in combination with tumeric. It is a commonly used anti inflammatory combination that is often used by older people, but may be used by younger people with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.  It is just not commonly known that is is very bad for pregnancy because ginger is a strong blood thinner. That ginger tumeric Q-10, C and D combination you have every morning for anti inflammatory purposes could land you in the emergency room with some ‘splainin’ to do. In Texas and some other states soon, this could land you in jail.

To prevent this, I recommend a daily dose of tea with at least 1-2 grams stevia herb. This is best mixed into a Yerba Mate. It is important to use the stevia leaf and not just the sweetener extract. Some extractions are whole herb, but many are just the de-natured steviosides. The latter will not reliably prevent accidents, but will disrupt your endocrine system in other ways. The whole dried leaf is required to balance the effects of the steviosides.

Pack a small cup with a mixture of about a heaping teaspoon of stevia herb and how ever much Yerba Mate will fill the cup halfway, then add near boiling hot water. Allow this to steep for 5-10 minutes before sticking in a straw and drinking from the bottom. If you run out of liquid, press out as much as you can.

If you’re not a fan of green tea, you can use the stevia for other drinks or cook it into foods that will allow you to get the dose in daily. Remember that it takes about 6 months to a year for it to start being reliably effective, and its effects will last up to 6 months after you stop taking it cold turkey. Some women have reported that it messed with their menstrual cycle, while others reported that it balanced it very strictly. Different herbs work for different people. I happen to be one of the ones for whom stevia has worked brilliantly with no bad side effects for over 15 years. Generally, what your ancestors took is likely what will work for you, so start there before branching out.

Just remember that nothing is 100%, so always have a backup.

Aside of age and religious ingestion of stevia and anti inflammatory herbs and vitamins, what has prevented me personally from experiencing any reproductive accidents for the past 15 years is the use of suppositories. I make a mixture of honey, aloe vera gel, and lemon juice, and soak a bit of natural sponge with it. I leave this in for at least an hour after intimate contact. Just don’t forget it because it can cause toxic shock syndrome same as a left in tampon. Boil the sponge to sterilize it, and let it dry thoroughly in the sunlight to prepare it for the next use. If it is not warm enough, use a blowdryer. You don’t want it getting moldy. Alternatively,  you can use an individual use packet of sterile surgical gauze, sponge, or pads. What you want is something that will fully block and shape itself around the cervix without drying you out, and keep the spermicidal goop where it needs to be.

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