Witch UniversityWitch University is about to go through some changes.  I realized that the normal community model isn’t really working for us.  Participation is low mainly because things are so overcomplicated.  So I’m going to keep it simple and rearrange things so folks can just join, read articles, and post in the forums.

Registration will still be manual because I really really hate spam, but I’m getting rid of badges, points, and non course groups.  The groups feature will still be there for courses if you’d like to teach one though.  I’m just trimming off the excess so the site will run more smoothly, and it’s easier to find things.

Blessings and Ase!

 ~ Sheloya

Phallus-shaped mushroom can instantly trigger an intense female orgasm | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Hawaiian folklore speaks of an elusive, rare mushroom, found growing only on recent lava flows, that is sought after by women for its strong aphrodisiac properties. One whiff, it is said, can instantly induce a powerful female orgasm.Naturally, science had to investigate. And it turns out, the mushroom is real.…

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