Reminder: Twylah Nitsch Was A Fraud, but Please Let Her Rest in Peace | Evolving Post

This is an evolving post. Evolving posts are kind of like drafts but drafts that I want readers to know that I am working on. This post in particular will be a gathering of sources from tribal councils and elders on the subject of Twylah Nitsch, a teacher of spirituality…

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Trying Times

Mask by Lisa Aigbe

Greetings and Blessings and a Happy New Solar Cycle to my patient readers! As is so for many, the past couple of years have been very trying. My trials got started kind of early with knee replacement in 2019, and another early in 2020 just before the Covid thing blew…

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Witch UniversityWitch University is about to go through some changes.  I realized that the normal community model isn’t really working for us.  Participation is low mainly because things are so overcomplicated.  So I’m going to keep it simple and rearrange things so folks can just join, read articles, and post in the forums.

Registration will still be manual because I really really hate spam, but I’m getting rid of badges, points, and non course groups.  The groups feature will still be there for courses if you’d like to teach one though.  I’m just trimming off the excess so the site will run more smoothly, and it’s easier to find things.

Blessings and Ase!

 ~ Sheloya

Herbs and Ingredients Used in Witchcraft

Herbs and Spices

Rather than regurgitate what has already been published, we prefer to post what we think are the best informative links on the topic of herbs and other ingredients, and post essays with additional lore and practices of active witches. Herbal Index Links Alphabetical List of Magical Herbs at Witchipedia We…

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