Suppressed Histories Archives Live Online Discussion: The Witches’ Goddess Vol X Secret History of the Witches | Facebook

In June I’m doing a discussion rather than a visual show. I’ll be sharing excerpts from my unpublished MS _The Witches’ Goddess_ of Vol X of Secret History of the Witches. This photo shows the current state, with post-its and taped-on notes, some old enough to be printed in dot-matrix,…

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Reminder: Twylah Nitsch Was A Fraud, but Please Let Her Rest in Peace | Evolving Post

This is an evolving post. Evolving posts are kind of like drafts but drafts that I want readers to know that I am working on. This post in particular will be a gathering of sources from tribal councils and elders on the subject of Twylah Nitsch, a teacher of spirituality…

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Stregheria, Stregoneria, and Benedicaria – What’s the difference? – YouTube

Chaotic Witch Aunt131K subscribersI would love to hear opinions from other folk practitioners on this topic!Online Articles… – Stregheria, Mallorie Vaudoise… – Spells, Saints, & Streghe by Sabina Magliocco… – Benedicaria by Ways of the Wild Heart blogBooks”The Things We Do” by Agostino Taumaturgo

Phoenix celebrates Pagan Pride Day – The Arizona Republic

Members of the Phoenix pagan community use terms such as Druid, heathen, pantheist, neo-pagan, shaman, Wiccan (cq) and witch to define the belief systems and traditions they follow. Within the different groups, individuals adopt ideals and practices that fit with their spiritual paths. Through workshops, classes, rituals, local groups, vendors…

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Guide to Pacific Northwest Incense : Sarah Anne Lawless

I burn incense on an almost daily basis. I started blending my own loose incenses and making my own smudge wands eight years ago and my passion for knowledge on native plants quickly drove me to research which aromatic botanicals from the Pacific Northwest would be best for incense and…

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Arden Keren Has Won a Witch University Educational Excellence Award

Arden Keren has won the Witch University Educational Excellence Award. He has an excellent website in Hebrew with great recipes, lore, and insights into a variety of spiritual traditions and practices. It is, by far, one of the best websites on the subject of witchcraft in Hebrew. Keep up the…

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