Free Nordic Rune Readings

Skol! Click the buttons to pick random Nordic runes for a reading.  Some may scoff at a reading from a machine, but the machine is just the virtual “bag”.  A human must interpret them.

Be mindful that there is no historical evidence that Nordic runes were used for divination.  There is evidence however, of their use in magick, and as an alphabet.  So when you read them in divination, it would be wise to see if they spell any actual words.  It happens quite often that the spirits will not conform to our frames of reference, and would rather tell you something in words.

There is an Old Norse to English dictionary here, just in case.

This feature will be returning soon. The plugin that powered this is outdated, and I’d like to make a new engine with the new knowledge I’ve acquired about runes with input from some friends who are Nordic Pagans.

Meanwhile, have a look at this video by the Welsh Viking. After watching this, I started thinking perhaps it’s a good idea to add a few things to the interpretations that get glossed over due to political agendas, and take out some of the romanticized hype. I’d like my interpretations to be both accurate and relevant, and true to that branch of ancestors.


Link to this article:

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