How to Get Around in Witch University

This is a guide to getting around the virtual campus.  The site has various features you can use to learn, teach, share goodies you've found, etc.

If you want to do something, but aren't sure how to go about it, feel free to contact us.


Signing Up and Logging In

You can sign up or log in using the normal site system, or through your Google account. You can also go to your profile and connect your site account to your Google account. This will make logging in much faster and easier.

Reading and Commenting

Like any other blog, you can read and comment on some posts. Some are not available for comment. If you have something to say about the topic, you may do so in the Forums.

The Link Grove

The Link Grove, where you can post links to spiritual or other interesting sites. You can also post links in the Forums. Please try not to post links in the comments, as it will result in your comment needing to be moderated. So it will wait until someone gets around to checking it to make sure it isn't spam.


The Forums work like any old forums. Post new topics, reply to posts, etc. Some forums are group specific though, so try to stay on topic.

Teacher Blogs, Classes, and Groups

If you're an active participant, and feel that you'd like to have a blog on the domain, please visit our hosting plans page. We have curated plans that are a bit expensive, but also independent blog plans for about $25 per month. For the independent plans, you need to know how to use Wordpress, but if you ever need help, we're here. Teachers may find this useful, as you can make private courses, or just have something with your own unique touch. Teachers may also request to have classes or forums created. These can be as open or as private as you like. You can require payment for your courses if you like.

Wobbly Bits and Pieces

Because this is a site with Pagans, you will see a bit of T&A from time to time, and sexual topics will come up. There's a line between tasteful nudity, respectful sexuality, honest spirituality, and straight up porn, and we reserve the right to hold that line.

Photos and Safety

For safety reasons, we ask that nobody post photos of children at all until the former child is over the age of 16. It is unfortunate, but there have been cases of pervy predators stalking kids online. We are a vulnerable alternative community, and where paranoia isn't good, when bad stuff has actually happened, we should be aware. We just want to be sure that if anyone does get cased, the dumbass stalker is going to meet a bearded or busty sword wielding heathen, not an easy target. Make sure that any of your younglings online have had "the talk". We reserve the right to delete any content that we feel puts the user at undue risk.

Account disappeared?

To prevent spam and clogging the system, you have 2 days to use your account to comment or post in the forums. Many people sign up just to read an article, and if they're not going to return, we don't need to keep their information. We also do this for the sake of privacy. We understand that witches are persecuted in some places, and if it should ever happen that we are ordered by the authorities to give up our logs, they can't get any information from us that we don't have. So we regularly purge unused accounts and sweep our logs. If you want to keep your account, you need to post in the forums or comment on articles at least once a month or so.

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