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Having a moment with Oya who grows a beard to battle.In the past, I didn't write enough about this, partially because I wasn't sure if it was TMI, and partly because I took this for granted as something any and every witch or sorcerer would figure out in time. However, apparently with so many people attempting to hijack spirituality to hateful causes, it is time to spell this out explicitly.

The idea of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is not a clearly delineated thing in the spirit realm, for many reasons. One important reason is that it is not even a clear line in the physical earthly realm. What makes a creature male, female, or somewhere between or totally outside is not a specific set of physical traits. Certain things are needed for reproduction of viable offspring, but there is much more to living as a whole being than reproduction or sex. When you get to social roles of gender, it gets even more varied and complex.

In African spirituality, we deal with this on the face with deities whose personifications (which we consciously stress are personifications we use to help us relate to the otherwise unfathomable) cross social and biological lines at will but always with a reason that makes spiritual sense. We have masculine deities giving birth, not from their heads or something, but from their genitals they reshape to accommodate this. They may or may not turn into a woman or turn female to do this. Depends on the legend and the place it came from and the point of the story. We have feminine deities who turn masculine for war or to impregnate someone. Sometimes they don't even turn masculine for these. Again, it depends.

There is sex and gender crossover and mixing in the legends and stories of many deities. Though what is good for deities may not always be good for us, this is one of those things that should give us pause since as creatures living on this planet, our physical reality is that sex and gender are more than binary. Witches should be the last people in this world believing in or trying to push an ideology of gender essentialism.

Bonus, most of the hard core division of sex and gender and essentialism in our community has origins that go straight back into Theosophy, which is a very "white" supremacist, very colonialist system based mostly on whitewashing and misinterpreting eastern philosophies. It was very much embraced by the third reich nazis and their ideas and ideology is still used by pseudospiritual neo nazis and their dupes today.

So it's time to make it clear that we don't just have gender bending, mixed, intersex, and even xenogendered deities, but in our practice, we go there regularly in the way we do rituals and workings. So yes we have a pool of creation, a seed of creation, and a bridge of creation concoction that we use. We have a whole host of activation centered magical tools, concoctions, and methods that call to gender variant personifications of deities/forces of nature, as well as the transformation between thought or will and manifestation that takes more into account than a mere two tiny points in a vast universal spectrum.

It is absolutely hilarious to me that the same people pushing the idea that aliens instead of Africans built the pyramids, but don't for a moment consider that some aliens may spontanously clone or perhaps require beings of up to 20 sexes and three species to reproduce. I mean, if one's imagination is so wild, then go all the way and stop trying to kill Trans kids.

Anyway, here is one of the many bridge recipes. It's a simple one to be used with the others or instead when you're say, giving offerings to an intersex or nonbinary deity or ancestor.

Bridge Brew

You will need a bowl that is either multicolored or clear and crystalline or aurora. It should have at least three different colors or do some sort of refraction of light.

You will also need:

  • 3 raisins
  • 3 chili seeds or cloves
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup coconut or another tree nut milk
  • a small handfull of beet sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • a pinch of coriander powder or cilantro leaves that you will take in but not swallow with a mouthfull of beer that you will spit into the bowl
  • enough beer from the bottle or tap to fill the rest of the bowl


  1. Stuff the chili seeds or cloves into the raisins.
  2. Put these in the left side of your mouth, and do your opening prayers and speak your request or thanks.
  3. Take the stuffed raisins out of your mouth, and place them into your bowl.
  4. Add the water, milk, beer sugar, and salt.
  5. Take a sip of the beer and swallow it.
  6. Put the coriander or cilantro on your tongue, and take in as much as will fit in your mouth.
  7. Spit this mouthfull of beer into the bowl.
  8. Pour in the beer to fill the bowl.

Now you have some creative juice for your offering or working with non binary deities or the not usual side of a deity who goes expansive on occasion.

Blessings and Ashe!

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