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Crafting Skills Every Witch Should Have

When I decided to start teaching witchcraft, it surprised me how little of the basics most witches know today.  I didn’t know where to start.  To help organize my thoughts on the matter, I broke them down into categories of knowledge.  In this post, I’ve listed the art and craft skills every witch MUST have.  You may not master them.  Nobody masters them all, but you should have them.

Basic Cooking

You need to know how to boil water, melt things without burning them, etc.  You may also need to know how to render animal fat.

Basic Hand Sewing and Needlework

Chain stitch, blanket stitch, how to make and follow a simple pattern, etc.

How to Draw

You don’t have to be Michelangelo, but you should know how to hand draw hieroglyphs, seals, and images that look something like what they need to symbolize or embody.  Drawing herbs also helps you to remember them well.

Soft Sculpture

You may have to make talismans from clay or shape things in wax.

Making Infusion Oils

You should be making infusion oils of as many of your local and locally accessible herbs as you can.

Soap Making

You should know how to make soap.  You may not actually use this much since there is the option of “melt and pour” with pre made soap, but you should know how soap is made.

Making Pigments and Marking Tools

You should know how to make paints, inks, makeup/body paint, and natural brushes and marking tools.

Basic Wood Carving

You should at least know how to whittle and carve a reasonable shape into wood.


You should know how to dry, how to can, and various ways of preserving things.

Making Music

You should have a basic skills with some instrument, your voice, or rhythm.


Related to the above, you should know how to allow yourself to move to music, even if just the music of Nature.

Other skills that aren’t related to crafting that a witch should have include, but are not limited to:

The list may get longer as I think of more, but if you don’t know how to do something on this list, then learn.  These skills are necessary to even start knowing what you’re doing.

So if any of the teachers would like to take on any of these topics, please feel free to do so.  You’re not limited to only witchcraft specific subjects.  We aim to provide a place where students will find a well rounded source of education in the craft, not just “cherry pick” what suits them at a whimsical moment.  Stretch out a bit.

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