Witch UniversityRegistration for Witch University is done manually.  If you are human, you can see where the link to join is in the menu near the top of this page.  Just fill out the form on that page to register for the Witch University website.  This does not add you to our system in any way, not even as a “subscriber”.  You are not added at all until the webmatron personally enters your information.

Once you are registered, please log in and upload a profile photo.  It doesn’t have to be of you, if you have privacy concerns.  It just needs to be something, so we know that you’re not a spammer.  Thank you!  🙂

If you are a spammer or spam-bot, and you have come to this page to exploit it, understand that this is a site run by and for witches.  We actively curse spammers and those who use spam bots.  We collect the IP addresses, print them out, and use them in rituals to train young witches in target practice.  We are real witches who give real offerings to our deities, not just wishful thinking.  So if bad things have been happening to you since you started trying to spam this site, then you should leave us and all witches on the internet alone.  I am sure that we are not the only ones.

You may have been cursed by web witches if you have spammed or paid spammers to advertise for you, and any of the following is happening to you:

  • Your computers and other electronic devices in your home fail for unexplained reasons.
  • You are generally healthy, but you develop bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • No matter how much you spam, you don’t make any or much money at it.
  • Even though technically, you do manage to make money from spamming, you end up having to spend it all on sudden emergencies.  Your money is being constantly drained because of unforseen circumstances.
  • Your love life suddenly crashes.  Relationships that you thought were stable suddenly turn hostile.  A formerly faithful partner suddenly cheats on you, and your best friends turn on you.
  • You wash yourself well, but you still smell bad.
  • You have a car or bike accident or are being physically hurt by metal objects regularly, and especially on Tuesdays.

This is just a small sampling of things that can happen to you because you spammed a witch’s site.

The only way to remove the curse is to compensate the witch for her/his loss of time and energy fighting spam.  If you paid an advertising service that is using spammy tactics, and don’t know who you have harmed, pick any witch to donate to, and be generous about it.  Do not ask for anything in return or for any kind of thanks or promotion, just to have the curse lifted.  Be grateful that you are still alive because most pantheons do have a specific deity in charge of technology, and they are not usually very friendly.

You may think that spamming is not that big a deal, but in the case of witches, you are attacking people who already have enough trouble with society, and just want to share their traditions and/or make an income using their rare talents.  Aside of witches, many small business are barely getting by these days.  Once you attack someone’s ability to feed their family, you are attacking children, and Nature owes no mercy to you.

So fix yourself, and stop attacking people’s sites.  Repent for your crimes and compensate the people you have harmed with your greed and selfishness.


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