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Our forums have moved to http://forums.witchuniversity.com/index.php to make things more accessible for those of us who don’t have the best eyesight.  SMF is much more easily adjusted using the normal browser zoom and your own settings.  Please update your bookmarks.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t import the posts from the old forums directly.  You will have to create a user account specific to the forums.  Even though it’s a little bit of extra effort, this will hopefully keep things simpler, safer, and more importantly inclusive to all who wish to participate.

I’d also just like to say flat out that I find bbPress’s arrogance in making it so difficult or impossible to make the forums in their system accessible, even using WordPress’s accessibility plugins, highly disturbing.  This has been a problem for years, and they have chosen to basically tell everyone with this issue to fuck off.

Even if we did somehow manage to find the right .css file and modify it, the thing still wouldn’t have the ability to resize text or make other adjustments with accessibility plugins or the browser.

Perhaps when more of the developers are older or if Nature should catch up to some of them, they will be more sympathetic.  We’ll see…

Link to this article: https://witchuniversity.com/zQCsy

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