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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Blessings and Greetings LeeAnn, and thank you for your question. House cleansing is a must before settling in anywhere. Ideally, you want to do this before even moving any of your furniture in there, but if you missed that, all is not lost.

First, you want to do an initial cleansing according to your local and ancestral or adopted traditions. Both should be taken into consideration because once you buy or even rent a place, it becomes your domain, but it is still full of the same Earth spirits that were there before. You’re becoming a part of its ecosystem, not the other way around.

If you’re not sure how it was done, make a wild (as in Mother Earth wild) but educated guess based on what’s around and who populated your region before. Then “feed” whoever is that place’s Guardian or Gatekeeper. Who was there before you probably didn’t do this, so maybe the place became hostile to humans, and the strange feeling you’re getting is the Nature trying to scare you off, not just the bad energy left behind that hasn’t been “metabolized” yet.

Though one may think it’s enough just to be benevolent, we are required to do actions that actually show benevolence, or else it doesn’t count. So you need to give the place its proper respect.

Then you want to take responsibility for your species not having been too friendly to the place before, and cleanse it. Fumigate the place with sage, lavendar, coffee, myrrh, and whatever you can get your hands on that will cover the bases, because you don’t know who all was in there or what they left behind. Just make a nice pile of chunky incense, and smoke every corner and doorway and window in there.

Another thing that helps clean negativity is to make a place friendly to animals who help to ward off evil or inappropriate energy like cats and birds. Put out some bird feeders, especially hummingbird feeders. Put out water and catfood for the cats. Mind you, this will also attract some snails, and for the first year, this is a good thing. Just salt around anyplace you really don’t want them to get to.

Speaking of salt, an easy protection salt can be made by mixing sea salt with the ashes from the incense you burned for the Gatekeeper/Guardian and the cleansing. Add some coffee grounds for an extra kick.

Sprinkle some of this in your doorway and walkways, and make a light perimeter around the building.

In your house, you should have plenty of hand and eye symbols to ward off evil eye. Using cobalt blue glasses and plates to serve strangers and new guests is also a good idea. Put a representative of your home’s Guardian/Gatekeeper to the left of all doors into your home, and maybe some near the doorways indoors.

Be extra kind, though not overly indulgent, to animals around. They may be guardians in disguise checking on you to see what you’re about.

After the initial cleansing, you should do maintenance. There are many good floor wash recipes. You can also add cleansing and protective essential oils and herb infusions. Be careful though, as some with a lot of tannins can stain.

Basically, you want to incorporate cleansing and protection into your existing cleaning regime. You don’t have to be meticulous every day, but it should be at least a monthly or bimonthly thing to do a floor wash and burn a bit of incense in the rooms.

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