Appalachian Folk Magic: Generations of “Granny Witchcraft” and Spiritual Work

When these Scottish, Irish, and English settlers arrived, they combined their traditional practices with Native American knowledge about flowers, berries, roots, and leaves native to Appalachia. Settlers from Germany and people of African descent also shared their wisdom about rituals and natural remedies. Out of this large melting pot was…

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Have dinner with friends or eat friends for dinner?

friends for dinner?

Understanding the sacrificial ritual and feast within Indo-European Culture, allows us to align it to the Proto Indo-European Creation Myth. And in this video we look at Society, Butchers, Sacrifice, and Philosophy to see how it brings all this together. This video does discuss sensitive topics such as human and…

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How Witchcraft Skepticism produced the Lesser Key of Solomon, Modern Demonology & Psychiatry – YouTube

How Witchcraft Skepticism produced the Lesser Key of Solomon

Johann Weyer’s 1563 De Praestigiis Daemonum (On the Deceptions of the Demons) would prove to be an important opening salvo for skepticism concerning the early modern Witch Trails. In it, Weyer argues that demons can only perform illusions and that the women accused of witchcraft are often suffering from “melancholia”…

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What is Spiritual Alchemy – The Historical Unification of Mysticism, the Philosophers Stone & Heresy

What is Spiritual alchemy? Emerging from the early 20th century quasi-vitalist, mystical interpretation of Mircea Eliade and the psychologizing interpretation of Carl Jung – both marked by a profoundly ahistorical approach – a position now known as the “new historiography” has attempted to re-locate alchemical theory and practice precisely as…

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