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4711 Eau De Cologne Cleansing Ritual

Agarwood, Aloeswood, Oud, Oodh, Gaharu, Jinko or Agar

Are You a Witch Or a Pagan Or Both?

Basic Dice and Domino Divination

Basic Meditation and Preparatory Breathing

Basic Witchcraft Tools: Salt Water

Becoming a Witch and Being a Witch

Bridge of Creation Recipe

Capnomancy: Smoke Scrying and Divination

Connecting to Deity Supplement: A Sampling of Universal Perspectives

Connecting to Deity: Your Spiritual Practice and Your Witchcraft

Crafting Skills Every Witch Should Have

Crystals Used In Aggressive Magick

Daily Observance Ritual for Witches

Divining Methods for Efficient Initial Love Readings

Favomancy – Divination with Beans and Seeds

First Contact With Eshu

Five Basic Witchcraft Potions for Beginners

Golden Success Potion

Herbs and Ingredients Used in Witchcraft

How to Make Drinking Potions: An Essential Skill For Witches

How to Make Wax Incense

How to Make Your Spellwork Work

Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What

Pool of Creation Recipe

Possibly Locally Available Resins and Saps Used in Witchcraft

Potion of Virility

Potions for Flu Season

Protection From Floods

Protection Potions

Protections for Children and Teens In the Craft

Queen Esther Oil

Refreshing, Reclaiming, Innovating, and Practical Application

Seed of Creation Recipe

Shi-shi Purification Incense Recipe

Spell Breaking Salts and Sugars

Start With Cleansing and Protection: For Witchcraft Beginners

Strength Potion

The Family Curse: What Modern Witches Need to Know

Your First Pantheon: Gatekeeper and Ancestors

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